Wall of Voodoo

Wall of Voodoo Biography

Formed: 1977 // Los Angeles, CA, United States

Disbanded: 1988


Stan Ridgway (vocals, 1977-83)

Andy Prieboy (vocals, 1983-88)

Marc Moreland (guitar, 1977-88)

Bruce Moreland (bass, 1977-82)

Bill Noland (bass, 1982-88)

Chas T. Gray (keyboards, 1979-88)

Joe Nanini (percussion, 1979-83)

Ned Leukhardt (drums, 1983-88)

In his first incarnation (the Stan Ridgway era) Wall of voodoo have presented an original music mixed of Sergio Leone's films soundtracks and Suicide, full of funny western gimmicks. The band did have no drummer but a rythm box used with afro-cuban speed tempos, plus a percussionist (Joe Nanini) : this configuration gave a unique color to the songs.

When Stan Ridgway and Joe Nanini left, the band went on for something more common.

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