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    Wash Biography

    Speak to this dynamic artist about his sound and he’ll label it contemporary soul. Challenge him to rattle off his list of influences and he’ll give you a spectrum ranging from Nat King Cole to Anita Baker to R. Kelly. He’ll speak of his gospel upbringing—his parents were both pastors and singers; his sister, a musician. And his instrumental prowess will show him to be fluent on the piano, saxophone and drums.

    Wash is truly rich in depth; both the artist and the man.

    While his musical expertise is astonishingly mature, the 24 year old still finds a way to hold his own among his fellow R&B crooners. Signed to AyeGirl Music/Interscope Records, his debut single, “Can’t Trust Thots” features label mate and wildly successful rapper, French Montana, while cleverly paying musical homage to artists such as TLC and BBD. His smooth vocals are gripping and the upbeat record fits seamlessly into any of today’s contemporary playlists.

    It was this degree of musical savvy which first enticed renowned songwriter-producer, Chef Tone (Justin Bieber/Trey Songz/Drake). In 2014, the industry heavyweight took Wash under his wing; flying him to Atlanta for a round of artist development before arranging a meeting with a handful of Interscope executives. Stunning the label with his talent, personality and overall stage presence—yes, he can dance as well—he was able to land a deal on the spot.

    Off stage, Wash—born Ronald Washington Jr.—is equally captivating. He has the ability to lend himself to a variety of audiences; a dynamic quality which extends far beyond music.

    He possesses a keen sense wisdom; a testament to deep retrospection. A product of Port Arthur, TX, Wash’s family and early church involvement provided a positive contrast to the city’s gritty reality. Witnessing the hardships faced by those in his community and congregation, he consciously steered away from many of the inner city’s harsher elements.

    As a teenager, he opted to focus on both music and work—gaining a fan base on YouTube while sustaining a well-paying job at an oil refinery. Content with his gig, he paid little mind to the industry attention he was receiving; dismissing calls from a number of producers and executives. However, a near death experience at the refinery snapped his journey into perspective. Realizing that he had become stagnant, he tracked down Chef Tone—who had once shown interest—and alerted him that he was finally ready to work.

    His transition to Atlanta, GA proved intense, yet promising. He appreciated the change of scenery; particularly fond of its level of southern hospitality. Determined not to return home empty handed, Chef Tone’s guidance and tough love provided a strong framework. Once mentored by R. Kelly, Chef now leads the way for Wash, allowing him to key in on what he considers both an intriguing quality and lesson: Successful people can remain genuine.

    Now, at the start of the next phase of his journey, Wash says that his main goal is to inspire. With regards to his future, he is both optimistic and fearless: he foresees a possible acting career; various partnerships and business ventures; and he hopes to one day give back to Port Arthur through the creation of an arts center.

    And when it is all said and done, Wash will leave an impression; both the artist and the man.

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