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Few things in life go according to plan, a lesson that inspired many of the songs on the solo debut from singer-songwriter William Tell.

Growing up in Orange County, California, Tell was born into a gospel music family and learned to play guitar from his father. His parents divorced when he was young, and Tell says spending half of his high school years living with his mom and the other living with his dad helped ground him in a unique way. "My mom got remarried and lived in the wealthy part of Orange County you see on TV. My dad lived an hour away in a very different part of town and money was tight; he was a minister and sometimes schoolteacher," he says. "From church potlucks to ritzy Laguna Beach parties, having both experiences taught me a lot about life. I lived literally in two different worlds, sometimes in the same weekend."

Tell attended college for music business while playing guitar and writing his own songs between classes and parties; he quickly left school behind to pursue his dream full time. Playing in numerous coffee shops and clubs throughout LA and Orange County he soon met and began playing with other local O.C. musicians who were also chasing the same dream. He joined them in the band that would become popular alt-rock group Something Corporate.

After a couple of years with the group, Tell came to a crossroads in his life and decided it was time to move forward and embrace the future. "It was hard, but I felt like this was something I needed to do to grow. I'm still friends with everyone in the band and they've been really supportive. Brian [Ireland] played drums on the album and Andrew [McMahon] even played on a track."

Ever since Tell penned his first tune in eighth grade, he has been driven by an intense desire to write, sing and record his own songs and has dedicated his life to music. You Can Hold Me Down fulfills Tell's lifelong dream and represents the start of a new chapter in his life. "I've been building up to this moment ever since I can remember. Growing up, if I wasn't playing music, I was thinking about music. I'm pretty much the same way today," he says. "If my time in Something Corporate was my college education, then this album is my diploma."

Recorded over nine months, You Can Hold Me Down's ten tracks capture Tell's love for pop hooks, which was inspired by his fascination with The Beach Boys and The Beatles growing up. And while the songs ripple with alt-rock power, they are anchored by Tell's admiration for the emotionally honest songs crafted by singer-songwriters of the 1970s. "I'm a guitar player, but I'm a sucker for great songwriting more than big riffs. I'd rather pull a song apart to see how it's put together than figure out someone else's riff."

Exploring the dark side of human nature, the track "Young At Heart" is a poignant story song that charts the path of troubled girl who resorts to suicide to deal with life's frustrations. Tell says the character is a combination of people including himself. "I'm not suicidal, but I'm a lot like the girl in the song because we're both constantly searching for what's next instead of appreciating the now," he says. "On a subconscious level, I probably wrote the song to remind myself to enjoy the ride and not worry so much about where it's taking me because I can't control it anyway."

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