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    Wolfpac Biography

    "Wow, you guys are really good! I like this!ö -Howard Stern, The Howard Stern Radio Show

    ôICP and WOLFPAC for life, We love your shit!ö -Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope, Insane Clown Posse

    ôYo WOLFPAC is slamming, itÆs the fucking shit!ö -Kotton Mouth Kings

    ôThe Wolfpac sound is off the fucking hook!ö - Zebrahead

    -ôI fucking love WOLFPAC, their as fucking sick as us!ö - #6 of Slipknot

    ôYou guys fucking rule!!!ö -Jenna Jameson, Americas # 1 Porn Star

    " WOLFPAC is so awesome, its intense!ö -Shane, Shanes World

    A few years back a group formed out of the Philadelphia area known as the BloodHound Gang. Their debut release, Dingleberry Haze, was an independent smash selling over 10,000 copies. Of course this grabbed the attention of many major labels and a bidding war ensued. Columbia achieved victory and proceeded to sign the BloodHound Gang to their first major label record deal. A year later this wacky troop released Use Your Fingers which went to sell almost 100,000 copies nationwide. Soon after the albums release, one of the two main founding members, the dominate voice, Daddy Long Legs, left the BloodHound Gang and went on to form Wolfpac.

    Wolfpac's flavor is a hard, energetic, straight up, in your face rap style tempered with their own controversial "horror core" lyrics. Don't be fooled, the song topics aren't the every day same old suburban rap "mom and dad don't understand/kick back with a bong" type of thing at all. Tracks dealing with subjects that range from coming back from the dead to exact revenge upon their peers to the proper ways of making love to a corpse, Wolfpac can only be summed up as a "unique & evil hybrid of genius." Furthermore with the mix of hip hop beats, a live DJ and a mix of hard core and metal samples Wolfpac blends well with many other genders of music ranging from straight up hip hop rap to rapcore all the way to hard core.

    Up to this point Wolfpac has sold over 6,000 singles of their first song "Evil is..." and the orders just keep coming in. With the support of their large cult fan base which they gained through the internet, extensive touring from Philly, Detroit, Canada, to West Virginia, multiple appearances on the Howard Stern Radio Program Wolfpac's Chord debut ôSomthin Wicked This Way Comesö is sure to hammer the hip-hop, hardcore, and alternative markets in a way no other band has ever done.

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