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In late 2001, an adventure was brewing. Friends gathered and the declaration was made: "It's going to be you, me and Iowa". Two years later, the band was formed. After two EP's and four years of constant performance, band members Tony Benedetti, (drums), Andrew Carroll, (vocals, guitar), Tizoc Estrada, (guitar, glockenspiel), Ryan Julio, (bass, vocals, percussion), and Ryan Ross, (keys, trumpet), sit on the verge of their first full-length release.

At last, fans are rewarded with a record that not only captures the intensity of You Me & Iowa's live show, (think: The Who, meets The Talking Heads), but one that showcases their multi-layered, hook-laden pop-rock sensibilities, often compared to The Beach Boys, with the electronic flourishes of Stereolab, and the cheeky chops of The Dismemberment Plan.

With the help of engineer David Newton (The Mighty Lemon Drops, Fonda, The Little Ones, The Happy Hollows), and mixer J. Robbins, (Jawbox, The Dismemberment Plan, The Promise Ring, Jets To Brazil), You Me & Iowa has taken the fuel of the past four years to light the fire of The Adventures Of You Me & Iowa, the band's forthcoming album.

Since their beginnings in 2003, You Me & Iowa played their dues around the West, performing with their up-and-coming peers: Midnight Movies, Mellowdrone, Monsters Are Waiting, The Velvet Teen and Rx Bandits. It is their vivacious live show that not only keeps their loyal fanbase fixated, but even won them "Best Alternative Rock Band" at the 2005 L.A. Music Awards.

Frontman, Andrew Carroll, remarks on the title of the forthcoming record, "For us, making a living as a band, every day is quite an adventure. It doesn't always necessarily have a happy ending. But it wouldn't be an adventure if that were the case." If The Adventures Of You Me & Iowa is any indication of what's to come for You Me & Iowa, it's safe to say their journey has just begun.

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