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    • Gary Morris - Cleansing truck driver Gary Morris (R) and Australian poet Martin Harrison stand next to Morris' truck decorated with a giant verse at Observatory Hill park in down town Sydney on May 6, 2013. The City of Sydney’s cleansing trucks are being transformed into literary treasures to celebrate the Sydney Writers’ Festival with eleven trucks decorated with giant verses by famous poets, including W.B. Yeats and Judith Wright, hitting the streets from May 6.
    The romantic ballads of Texas-born Gary Morris were staples of country radio in the 1980s -- none more so than "The Wind Beneath My Wings," which was covered by Bette Midler later in the decade and became a song heard at weddings perhaps more often than any other. From the start, Morris had a powerful voice well suited to the musical theater stage, and after his string of country hits came to an ...more

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