ARTISTdirect, Inc. is a digital media entertainment company that is home to an online music network and, through its acquisition of MediaDefender, is a leader in anti-piracy solutions in the Internet piracy protection industry. The ARTISTdirect Network (www.artistdirect.com) is a network of web-sites offering multi-media content, music news and information, communities organized around shared music interests, music-related specialty commerce and digital music services.

Investor Relations

ARTISTdirect.com burst onto computer screens in 1994, and quickly became one of the most popular music destinations on the Internet. Today, ARTISTdirect, Inc. operates the ARTISTdirect network - which averages 43 million Uniques and 613 million page views per month (Media Metrix, worldwide numbers - April 06) - consisting of:

ARTISTdirect.com (www.artistdirect.com)

home to thousands of free music videos and downloads, an online database of more than 500,000 artists and millions of links, and the ARTISTdirect Superstore, a full-service online shopping mall featuring merchandise from top brands like Hurley, Dickies, Ben Sherman and more, and leading artists like Britney Spears, Linkin Park, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne and others. Said Rolling Stone, "If you're looking for music on the Internet, you won't find a more comprehensive, exhaustive or downright addictive place to start."

UBL.com is an entirely new promotional platform for emerging artists, offering the most complete online musical experience available anywhere.

Established by ARTISTdirect, Inc. in 1994, the Ultimate Band List (UBL.com) began as an award-winning, all-inclusive music portal and search engine, with resource links for industry professionals, musicians and recording artists. Together with its sister site, ARTISTdirect.com, UBL.com became a leading online destination for music industry experts and casual fans alike. In 2006, ARTISTdirect relaunched UBL.com as the ultimate destination for emerging artists and fans of "undiscovered" new music. With the combined promotional forces of ARTISTdirect and its partner sites, the UBL will enable artists to market, promote and distribute their music to the largest independent music community on the web.

UBL provides its member artists with a personal home page, streaming audio and video, tour calendar, photo gallery, news blog, email list management, a custom online storefront from which to sell physical and digital merchandise, and more. For fans and industry professionals, the UBL provides an open forum in which to discover new music and network with other supporters of independent artists.

Loserkids.com (www.loserkids.com)

an online store and community site offering CDs and other merchandise, chat and community areas, and multimedia content for fans of today's hottest alt-rock, punk, metal and hard rock artists.

ARTISTdirect Network

has partnerships with a variety of sites, enabling us to offer more unique content and services to our users, serve more impressions to our advertisers, and expand our reach into some of today's most competitive online markets.


Founded in July 2000, is the leading company in the rapidly-expanding Internet piracy protection industry. Over the past five years, MediaDefender’s Internet anti-piracy (IPP) solutions have been utilized by many of the major music and entertainment companies in the $160 billion global music and movie industries as an effective means of thwarting illegal downloading and driving consumers to pay for authorized digital content.

MediaDefender's proprietary suite of IPP solutions offers significant levels of protection on the 15 major P2P file-sharing networks that constitute over 95 percent of all P2P file-sharing activity, as well as on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and Usenet. MediaDefender's Uber-level solutions are capable of providing up to 95 percent effectiveness in preventing unauthorized downloads of customer-specified content.

MediaDefender employs a host of non-invasive technical countermeasures on P2P networks to frustrate attempts by users of P2P networks to locate, copy and share unauthorized copyrighted materials. MediaDefender's solutions rely on patent-pending technology, which combines proprietary software with a robust, scalable information-technology (IT) infrastructure.