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    Thu, 26 Jun 2008 21:34:00

    10 Things Not To Do In Your Car - Keep your eyes on the road

    You don't want to do that – ten things not to do in your car

    We've all heard of crazy car insurance claims, along the lines of, "Coming home I drove into the wrong house and collided with a tree I don't have," and, "As I came up to the junction, a sign suddenly appeared in a place where no stop sign had ever appeared before." But they're nothing compared with these mad motoring incidents. And don't worry, no one was seriously injured in the writing of this article.

    Spaghetti loop

    "When we finally stopped her she said, 'I don't know what I did wrong, everyone was so nice to me, moving out of the way and flashing their lights,"' explained a police report from a Brummie police officer recently. The 78-year-old woman was driving south on the northbound section of Spaghetti Junction. The report went on: "We parked in front of her. and I got out of the car but she just shot past me at 60 miles an hour. It was a near miss." Bless.

    Runway fun

    Then there was the couple who thought they'd discovered a lovely wide empty road through an open gateway near Norwich airport, then came face to face with a jet. The husband blamed the wife's map-reading skills. Of course.

    I didn't know this was an amphibious vehicle . . .

    Fancy a dip? Perhaps the guy who drove into a harbour in Cornwall did. He abandoned the car when it became wedged on a cockle bank, as you do. Apparently he drove the car off a two-foot drop where canoes are launched. Usually, that is.

    Drive-by shopping

    Then there was the woman in Pilsworth, Lancashire, who brought a new meaning to drive-through shopping, when she reversed her car through her local branch of Asda.

    And the lady who drove her car straight into a laundrette in Goring, West Sussex. Perhaps she mistook it for a car wash?

    Getting in a tangle

    Sometimes there is no logical explanation. Firefighter crews from Truro and Camborne spent 20 minutes rescuing a young man trapped hanging upside down in his overturned hatchback at Tregavethan, near Truro. And two drivers collided head on in Oxford for no apparent reason, and had to be cut from their vehicles.

    Hollywood glamour

    But in the US they do it even better, Or should that be worse? Recently, a well known TV personality flipped his car over in the Hamptons. "Driving without braking is not something I recommend," he said.

    Hot wheels

    In Oregon, a car was tooling down the highway at 2:30am when it lost control, and cartwheeled through the wall of a garage. The occupant of the house leapt out of bed and rushed down to the garage, where the car was jammed halfway through the wall, leaking petrol. The driver was rummaging on the back seat looking for something. He struck his lighter to see better–at which point things got a bit warmer.

    A 22-year-old guy in Tennessee went one better when he decided to deliver a smouldering barbecue to his mates' house – so he popped it in the footwell of his truck and set off. The problem? There just happened to be a propane gas tank in the footwell.

    You have to wonder what all these people told their insurance companies. We say: at least no one got hurt!

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