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    Mon, 29 Oct 2012 14:30:28

    Alicia Keys Guest Blogs for iVillage - See highlights!

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    • Alicia Keys - NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 02: Alicia Keys attends the launch of Dahlia Divin by Givenchy at Macy's Herald Square on September 2, 2014 in New York City.
    • Alicia Keys - NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 02: Alicia Keys attends the launch of Dahlia Divin by Givenchy at Macy's Herald Square on September 2, 2014 in New York City.
    • Alicia Keys - NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 02: Alicia Keys attends the launch of Dahlia Divin by Givenchy at Macy's Herald Square on September 2, 2014 in New York City.

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    It's an Alicia Keys' iVillage takeover! The "Girl on Fire" singer is blazing in an editorial capacity.

    Grammy-winning artist/mother/wife/business woman Alicia Keys shares with iVillage, one of the largest online communities for women, why women are the most influential people on the planet and what it truly means to be a "girl on fire."

    Keys' personal anecdotes and moving thoughts, revealed exclusively to iVillage's Chief Correspondent Kelly Wallace during a recent video interview, will be integrated across the site during her weeklong guest editorship, which began on October 24.

    iVillage will also be getting an exclusive lyric video of an original song, "Unlock Yourself," that will be part of Keys' new app – "The Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee" – which launched Thursday, October 25. Keys is the third guest editor for iVillage, which launched the Guest Editor series in August with First Lady Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama has contributed a special letter for Alicia Keys that will post on iVillage and cites how inspirational Keys is for girls and women. iVillage's Guest Editor series featured Jessica Simpson in September, and continues after Keys with Dr. Mehmet Oz (November) and Lauren Conrad (December.)

    "I've been a big fan of Alicia Keys ever since she burst onto the scene, so it was an absolute thrill getting the chance to sit down and have a conversation with her, mom to mom and working woman to working woman," said Wallace. "As I told Alicia, I kept listening to her newest single, ‘Girl on Fire,' as I prepared for our conversation, and each time I listened to it I got more and more excited to talk to someone who has that rare ability of inspiring women of all ages and backgrounds. The millions of women in the iVillage community will immediately connect with her intelligent and passionate thoughts on everything from empowering females to motherhood."

    As guest editor, the poetic and inspirational Keys has chosen "Be a Girl On Fire" as her overall theme, and daily content will include: Wednesday – Tap Into Your Own Creativity; Thursday – Keep Family Traditions Alive; Friday – Be Empowered; Saturday – Be a Fashion Risk-Taker; Sunday – Be Strong Inside and Out; Monday – Find Your Balance As a Parent; Tuesday – Give Back to Others.


    On the reporter who influenced her latest single and album title:

    Jeannine Amber (Essence) is an incredible journalist…and when I read (her piece)…she said she was like ‘a girl on fire,' and I was like ‘ahh,' I am so writing this song because I am. That is me. That is what I want to be…. Who knew a year later that here it is and it's my first single and the name of the album.

    What is a "girl on fire" and what is your favorite line of the song you wrote?

    A girl on fire is somebody who is completely themselves…. You don't have to be like anyone. All you have to do is be like yourself. Find your passion.

    There are so many (favorite lines)…I think my favorite part of the song is "she's got feet on the ground and she's burning it down. She's got her head in the clouds and she's not backing down." She's not backing down – for me that's everything right now.

    On son Egypt:

    He's the best collaboration I've ever done, he's the best song I ever wrote, the best experience I've ever had, the best show I've ever performed. He's the best everything.

    On female inspirations:

    (First Lady) Michelle Obama is definitely an inspiration for me. She's the most graceful, intelligent, fierce, no-nonsense but still so kind hearted person. Maya Angelou is a big inspiration for me…she's a magnificent person. Oprah…she's the first person to show me that you don't have to be a greedy jerk to be successful. You can be just as successful doing things that really do something for someone.

    On the Golden Rule:

    My mother, what she taught me most, was empathy…. She had this poster of the golden rule "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." She would always reference that in different ways.

    Accepting Her First Grammy – the Two Things That Went Through Her Mind:

    Part of becoming a girl on fire is having something to say…. I remember the first time I won…a Grammy…. The whole time I prayed for two things: please don't let me trip (up the stairs) and please let me have something to say.

    On Voting and feeling that "Women are the most influential people on the planet:"

    (Not voting) is a huge cop out…. You don't have the right to complain about anything if you're not out there doing something to change it. I really believe it's been taught to us in many ways…as women.... I forgive us for sometimes reverting into these positions of feeling like we're powerless or no one is really listening to us, but we are not powerless. We are the most influential people on the planet. Women. We influence everyone.

    On speaking up for women who cannot speak for themselves and voting:

    How many women in the world can't take ownership of their lives, but we can. It's our obligation to them to do that. So there is no excuse…I beg you. Go and vote.

    What was your favorite snippet from Alicia Keys' blog? Read more over at iVillage!

    —Katie Sheehan

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