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  • Are Metallica, Korn, Skrillex, Slayer, and Soundgarden on Thor's iPod?

    Sat, 07 May 2011 13:29:59

    Are Metallica, Korn, Skrillex, Slayer, and Soundgarden on Thor's iPod? - Trying to figure out what would be on Thor's iPod ARTISTdirect.com editor and "Dolor" author Rick Florino built the perfect playlist in this exclusive feature...

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    Thor must be a metal head.

    All of the trademarks are there. He's got long hair. He wears leather and steel armor. He's scruffy. He carries around a giant hammer, and he kicks all kinds of divine ass.

    So if Thor were to be roaming around Asgard with an iPod, what would he listen to?

    That's the question of the weekend given the fact that the big guy is invading theaters everywhere on May 6th and is going to smash the hell out of the competition. Thor is the best superhero movie of the summer, and ARTISTdirect.com editor and Dolor author Rick Florino built the perfect playlist for this god. Check it out below and don't miss the movie on the big screen!

    1. Metallica — "…And Justice for All"

    Thor wields a hammer just as mighty as the "hammer of justice" that James Hetfield screams about on the title track of Metallica's fourth album. The song rises from a classically inspired clean guitar intro into elegantly battering fretwork. Clocking in just shy of ten minutes, "…And Justice for All" could serve as the perfect soundtrack for Thor's battles with the frost giants and the scenes where he's kicking it with Natalie Portman. "Ride the Lightning" also works for the sequence where Thor is plunged to earth from Asgard (and for anything else involving Portman)…

    2. Korn & Skrillex — "Get Up"

    Slamming from a dubstep drop courtesy of Skrillex into some of James "Munky" Shaffer's most bruising and brutal guitar orchestration ever, "Get Up" is perfect for Thor's iPod. It's psychedelic (matching the majesty of Asgard), and it's as tough as nails (matching the ballsiness of Thor). Jonathan Davis screams out a devastating, unforgettable chorus of "Shut the fuck up, get up!" with a theatrical intensity. The song is just as much of an event this summer as the film is.

    3. Soundgarden — "Black Rain"

    After eerie strains of guitar, Soundgarden launch into a viciously groovy riff that cycles from '70s bombast into metallic mastery. Chris Cornell belts out god-size vocals about bloodlust and black rain crying. It's the kind of epic lyricism that would comfort Thor during the trials and tribulations he's overcoming.

    4. Slayer — "Not of this God"

    Thor is not of any god; he's his own god. So, Slayer's big, brilliant middle finger to religion from World Painted Blood definitely fits Thor's journey. Plus, the air-raid double bass drumming and Kerry King's mega-mind blowing riff will beat the hell out of any enemies—robot, frost giant, or human.

    5. Danzig — "Hammer of the Gods"

    The song title says it all, but the riff backs it up with a bludgeoning stomp that'd be appropriate for any of the hammer scenes in the film. Plus, Danzig's voice is one of the best ever, sailing to Asgard and back on the hook. [Watch our exclusive music video premiere of "Ju Ju Bone" from Danzig's latest album Deth Red Sabaoth here!]

    6. AC/DC — "Thunderstruck"

    This is perfect in oh so many ways—'nuff said. Plus, Chris HemsworthThor himself—suggested it in our exclusive video interview here!

    Are you going to see Thor this weekend?

    Rick Florino

    Watch our exclusive video interview with the cast of the film about what's on Thor's iPod here!

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