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  • Artist of the Week Interview: Katy Tiz

    Tue, 16 Jun 2015 10:45:38

    Artist of the Week Interview: Katy Tiz -

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    Pop's best kept secret is about to let out her debut full-length and she tells us all about it as well as breaking her brother's guitar and all the other madness it took to get here.

    Our current Artist of the Week Katy Tiz has a bona fide smash on her hands with the new single "Whistle (While You Work It)." With a soulful inflection and danceable spark, it's an undeniable and unshakable anthem perfect for summertime, and it's poised to get bodies moving anytime and anywhere. For the UK pop singer and songwriter, it continues a hot streak she started with last year's "The Big Bang." Her recording of the Rock Mafia song saw her go from unsigned to a major label deal with Atlantic Records and a veritable marathon of touring. Everything is leading up to her full-length debut though, which promises to illuminate every side of this shimmering and striking talent. She's also not afraid to add spunk and humor to the music too, which makes it even deeper. In this exclusive interview, Katy talks to us about the record, "Whistle (While You Work It)," destroying her brother's guitar, sounding like Harry Potter, and so much more.

    How are you? It's been forever...

    It's been bloody ages! I'm good. I'm in New York.

    How is New York treating you?

    It's so hot! Yesterday, it was raining. Today, it's hot. It's like me. It's about as emotional as I am. It's ridiculous [Laughs].

    It's raining in L.A. It's been like Seattle lately.

    I love that. I like the rain when I'm there. It's nice.


    Come on! I love it because all of the drivers are like the worst drivers in the world. Then, there's me because I'm from England so I'm used to people crashing into each other and stuff. I think it's fun [Laughs].

    Since "Famous," you've maintained the same attitude, spunk, and fire, yet still evolved. That's the most impressive thing.

    I love that. I think it's probably because I talk too much so everyone's like, "Oh, just let her do what she wants."

    How did "Whistle (While You Work It)" come together?

    I finished touring with "The Big Bang" last August, and I went into the studio in September. I was actually here in New York with Kinetics & One Love. We started writing to the track that's now "Whistle." It was a J.R. Rotem track. I'm a huge fan of J.R. I've written with him a few times. I love him to bits. We started writing it, and we ended up talking about back home for me, Britain in general, and all of these things. When things didn't work out with my last deal, my brother used to call me every day and be like, "What are you doing?" I'd say, "Crying." He'd tell, "Get up, chin up, and keep it moving! You're meant to do this. You have to do this. Don't let them see you down."

    That's where the song came from. To me, it's about my brother. I went to L.A. and finished the song. It was a super quick session. It was just one of those things where everything worked and clicked. I left the boys I was working with, and I went back to L.A. and started working with Emily Warren. We finished the song together. It comes from a really great place because the people I did it with are not only stupidly talented, but they're really great people so there were no egos or anything like that in the studio. It was back to doing real music.

    So, it's about dusting yourself off and moving forward?

    Yeah, it is! It's also about no matter how much people push you in any industry or whatever you do in life. People will always try to push your buttons and get to you. The one thing they can't take from you is your dignity. For me, I'm all about keeping that and making sure you feel like no matter what's going on you're in control of your actions and the way you feel, so it gives you have the strength to move forward. That's what the song's about, which is really cool. It sounds like a really upbeat summer tune, which it is, but I love the fact that it has this meaning behind it. Even when I'm having a tough day on the road and I'm singing that song, I'm like, "Yeah, I'm sort of talking to myself!"

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