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    Tue, 09 Jun 2015 09:33:40

    Artist Of The Week Interview: Lecrae -

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    The 'Anomaly' rapper tells us what he'd say to the old Lecrae, looks back on 'Church Clothes' as a turning point, hints at new music, and dishes on way more in this epic interview.

    Lecrae has had an incredible year to say the least. His seventh full-length album, Anomaly [Reach Records], remains his best work to date, and it even debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 as a testament to his hard work. If that wasn't enough, its tour sold out countless venues worldwide and "Messengers" [feat. for KING & COUNTRY] earned the Grammy Award for "Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song. Now, he's our Artist of the Week. Given how deep and powerful Anomaly is, we wanted to do the record justice and really dive into its inner workings with the Houston native. Moreover, we chose to examine choice moments from this MC's incredible career. He opens up about those, reveals some life lessons, a cool conversation with Kendrick Lamar, and so much more.

    How are you?

    I can't complain. I'm out here in Atlanta. I just got in from Europe, and I'm trying to assimilate back to regular life.

    Not too much jet lag?

    I'm still on Paris time, so I probably won't be dead until about seven or eight o'clock tonight. Then, it'll feel like four AM.

    Do you like going to Europe?

    Yeah, I can't describe it. America is such a young country comparatively that you just see where we adopted a lot of our influences from and a lot of cultural differences. Everybody mixes it up a lot more out there. It's a great time. There's a lot of history.

    Speaking of history, Anomaly shows so much evolution, but the same spirit of Real Talk is still there. You preserve that fire, while progressing.

    I think you grow as a person. You become wiser. You mature. You learn more. You deal with real life. A lot of times, in my earlier stuff, it was a lot of textbooks. You're learning things. As you get older, you're experiencing them. You learn about what it means to be sacrificial. Then, you get married or something like that and you think, "Oh, wow! This is the real deal." The whole time we're traveling the world. You really mature. You're not just learning truth. The truth is changing you and maturing you.

    If you were to meet the Real Talk Lecrae right now, what would you say to him? Do you feel like the same guy?

    Yes and no. Obviously, I am the same person. The value system and the sense of integrity is all me. We grow, we change, and we learn. At the same time, it's no different than the idealism of a college student. That's the age I was. You're very idealistic at that age. In your late teens and early twenties, everything is idealism. Everything should just work in black and white. That's good. You need that. I think most revolutions are started by people in their teens and twenties. When you get older, you develop a wisdom that helps you understand how the world tends to really function. You need that blend. You need the idealism of the younger you and you need the wisdom of the older you. That combination makes you more effective. I would just say, "Stay idealistic young Lecrae! Stay passionate, but you're going to need some wisdom coupled with that because it doesn't always work as black and white as you think it does."

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