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  • Artist of the Week Interview: Morgan Page

    Tue, 30 Jun 2015 10:49:35

    Artist of the Week Interview: Morgan Page -

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    • Morgan Page - Morgan Page by Devin Colvin
    • Morgan Page - Morgan Page by Devin Colvin
    • Morgan Page - Morgan Page by Devin Colvin

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    • Morgan Page - Farewell (ft. Chris Batson)
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    Electro house luminary on new album DC To Light, bringing songs to EDM, giving tips, and more.

    Our Artist of the Week, Morgan Page, has been heating up dance floors for a long time. He just released his sixth full-length album, DC To Light [Nettwerk], and the Grammy Award-nominated Los Angeles artist, producer, and DJ continues to push boundaries in electronic dance music. One of the biggest ways he breaks the mold is via actually focusing on "songs" in the classic sense of the word. You can listen to DC To Light more like an alternative or pop record, rather than just a throbbing and bouncing dance mix. Continuing a tradition of collaborations (some of his best include Tegan and Sara and deadmau5), he's partnered with everybody from Meiko to Lissie on the new record to drop some truly luminous anthems. It looks like he's really ready to light up the scene like never before. So, we spoke to him in this exclusive interview about DC To Light, songwriting, his blog of tips, and so much more.

    What threads together DC To Light for you?

    A lot of people have asked us about how we have grown as artists. It is tough sometimes because we are so close to the songs and whatnot. Having that perspective is hard to make your feelings objective. There are definitely moments on the album where I wanted it to be aggressive, but ultimately about the songs. Especially with streaming being the dominant model for the music business, it places a different emphasis on everything. It isn't about that quick purchase. It is about living with that song for a long time, playing it over and over. I am trying to look at a longer shelf life.

    So the approach was to craft songs that would live a long time?

    I don't think that anyone intends to do a song with a short shelf life! I think that I have done this long enough to know that a song will usually stand out and whether it will have legs or continue to last. When I write songs, I end up spending a ton of time with them, and obviously I become familiar. It was two years of work and fine-tuning the songs over time. It was really like an incubation process.

    Rather than being about beats or just drops, it's always been about songs for you though. This isn't necessarily a complete mindset change either.

    Yes, I am for sure all about the songs. I am a song guy. If you strip things down to the basics, it is the most important part. Songs are still the most important aspect of being a musician. It is also really encouraging to me when I see people doing covers on the piano or seeing videos on YouTube.

    Hear "No Ordinary Life ft. Angela McCluskey" from Morgan Page:


    <1234> Single Page

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