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  • Artist of the Week Interview: The Bots

    Tue, 28 Jul 2015 10:02:39

    Artist of the Week Interview: The Bots -

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    Los Angeles sibling duo talks flipping the script musically, funny accents in the studio, still being afraid of scary movies, and big summer tour.

    Our Artist of the Week The Bots aren't afraid to mix things up. The Los Angeles duo's combination of punk, alternative, and indie yields a sound that's as infectious as it is inimitable on their debut, Pink Palms [FADER Label]. The brothers— Mikaiah Lei [guitar, vocals, keys, bass] and Anaiah Lei [drums]—have a busy summer supporting Deftones, Incubus, and Death From Above 1979 on tour right now. Up to this point, they've drummed up quite a bit of critical acclaim and a whole lot of fan praise already, quickly becoming one of music's most important new buzz bands. We spoke to them in this exclusive interview about Pink Palms, what inspires them, funny accents in the studio, and so much more.

    Pink Palms feels very natural and honest, but there's still a defined core and vision. What was your vision for it?

    Anaiah: First off, thank you very much for the kind words. We really appreciate it.

    Mikaiah: When we went into the studio to make the album, we knew what we wanted to do. We had seven songs ready to go, and we had a vision of how we wanted to execute the material. Once we began doing it, the creative juices were flowing, and things took over. It was a few people in a room bouncing ideas off each other. Things flow naturally.

    You can almost predict what's going to come next. You're so on the same level that you know what the other person will say. That's why it has that vibe like you said of seeming natural and being honest. That's just putting in hard work, enjoying what we do, and making music at the same time. It was a good time when we recorded the album. It was a lot of laughter and hijinks in the studio. That doesn't really show on the recording. It makes for a good album—being in a good mood.

    Anaiah: Everything that happened within the studio time we had with Justin Warfield and Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), all of the hijinks, and the good times played into how the album has that really natural feel. It's because it was all natural! Nothing was synthetic or fake about it. It wasn't like we were with someone we didn't vibe with making an album, and that was it. We had emotions. We had laughter. There were all of these good things happening in the studio that played a part into Pink Palms.

    What were some of those hijinks?

    Anaiah: Oh man! It was just constant jokes. Some of the jokes are a little crude.

    Mikaiah: We'd turn our lyrics into parodies of songs. We'd be talking in accents. It was a good time. When were in El Paso, TX, we did the cowboy thing. You do different things to keep yourself entertained. It was nothing too crazy. It was all in good fun, telling jokes with each other.

    Anaiah: We'd make jokes about everything.

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    The Bots

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