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    Mon, 12 Apr 2010 10:35:45

    ARTISTdirect 2010 Coachella Survival Guide - ARTISTdirect 2010 Coachella Survival Guide

    Passion Pit Photos

    • Passion Pit - BROOKLYN, NY - JULY 10: Singer Michael Angelakos (C) of Passion Pit performs onstage at the Samsung celebration of Milk Music and ADD52 on July 10, 2014 in Brooklyn City.
    • Passion Pit - BROOKLYN, NY - JULY 10: Singer Michael Angelakos (L) and Chris Hartz of Passion Pit perform onstage at the Samsung celebration of Milk Music and ADD52 on July 10, 2014 in Brooklyn City.
    • Passion Pit - BROOKLYN, NY - JULY 10: Singer Michael Angelakos (C) of Passion Pit performs onstage at the Samsung celebration of Milk Music and ADD52 on July 10, 2014 in Brooklyn City.

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    Passion Pit Videos

    • Madeon - Pay No Mind (Live)
    • Passion Pit - Dancing on the Grave – Evolved

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    The annual Coachella festival, held in the California desert every year, is the unofficial start of the summer touring bonanza. The event often hosts the hottest names in rock music, but the blazing sun makes the festival one that is a bit difficult to survive if you don't prepare, since average daily temperatures often rise to 100 degrees and that's not an exaggeration. While it's certainly understandable that seeing Jay-Z, Muse, the reunited Faith No More, Vampire Weekend, Hot Chip, Coheed & Cambria and Them Crooked Vultures will get your adrenaline flowing, you need to hydrate, keep your body temperature in check and protect your extremities from the UV rays that damage skin.

    We polled several of the artists that will be performing – and suffering in the heat along with the attendees- about their feelings about playing the famed fest and their suggestions for surviving the day's heat and super long bathroom and concession lines. To no one's surprise, everyone said water. It was like an episode of Family Feud. Survey saaaaaaays…

    Claudio Sanchez — Coheed and Cambria

    With a new album, Year of the Black Rainbow on the way, upstate New York prog metallers Coheed and Cambria are more than ready for Coachella, especially since singer Claudio Sanchez is amped for FNM's set. "Faith No More is one of my favorite bands of all time. That's a real pleasure, and I'm very excited for that," Sanchez said. As for Coheed's place in the Coachella universe? "We try to really branch out and not create limitations and walls for this band," the afro-sporting Sanchez said. "Playing all of the festivals that we can really helps us branch out into those worlds. We actually played a couple years ago, and it was great! It was totally awesome. It's rewarding to play for an audience that we might not necessarily play for. I'm really looking forward to doing it again."

    Sanchez's Coachella survival tip for fans:

    "I'm going to have to say 'water' because it's the desert [Laughs]. I can imagine that waiting in the lines to get it is going to be a pain. So try to pack as much as you can, if you're allowed to even bring that stuff in! I don't even know [Laughs]. Bring some kind of water converter, fantastic!"

    Michael Angelakos – Passion Pit

    Passion Pit vocalist Michael Angelakos is looking forward to his time at Coachella, simply because the fest is so well put together and easy for artist to navigate. If you've never been backstage at one of these events, then you don't realize the utter chaos that can ensue. "It is supposed to be the most organized fest and we'll be spending the weekend there with friends and girlfriends, and it seems to be friendly and that is a dream since we have experienced every side of festivals and have experienced every aspect you can experience and I am looking forward to a well-organized event," the singer said.

    Angelakos' Coachella survival tip for fans:

    "Drink as much water as possible," he said. "Are you kidding me? It'll be annoying to keep going to the bathroom, but if you go a lot, that means that you are hydrated."

    Greg Puciato – Dillinger Escape Plan

    With their latest, Option Paralysis ripping its way through the metal scene like a tornado in the breadbasket, New Jersey's finest, Dillinger Escape Plan will enjoy their Coachella debut this year. The band's spastic live performances – which earned them a performance on the Conan O'Brien show, before he took over The Tonight Show and was then unceremoniously booted—also caught the eye of Coachella's bookers. "We did Bonnaroo last year, which I guess has a similar vibe on the East Coast," vocalist Greg Puciato said. "I really had no idea what to expect, and it went really well. That's how Coachella came about for us. The people that book Coachella were at Bonnaroo and they were like, 'We didn't think a band like Dillinger would go over that well, but this is insane so do Coachella next year!' I have no idea what to expect, since we're never an easy fit." It's true that Dillinger are always "the odd duck out," as the singer said. "Whether it's Warped Tour, Ozzfest or anything we do. If we're not headlining, chances are there will be as many people that hate us as there will be people who get something out of it—and the rest of them are going to stand there totally confused about what they're watching. It's interesting to do those things. I can't say if we're going to be a huge hit or not at Coachella, but at least it won't be boring."

    Puciato's Coachella survival tip for fans:

    "They keep doing it a few days earlier every year because I think they're realizing that no one wants to stand in the fucking desert for three days," Puciato theorized. "I've never gone to one of those things as a spectator because I can't handle it. They do that kind of shit in Europe all of the time with Reading and Leeds. People will get there, live in a tent for three days, buy ten dollar bottles of water and take nothing but drugs and alcohol. In theory, I guess that sounds killer, but after an hour of being in a dirt pit where you're blowing black out of your nose and you're dehydrated with dirt all over you, I can't imagine it being fun." You know, he does have a point there. While he may not be roughing, he does make the simplest and most popular suggestion, saying, "Drink a lot of water if you can. That's where most people's money is going to once they're there. You can't stand in 100-degree weather for three days if you're not drinking a lot of water. Every year they have problems with people passing out."

    Joe Goddard – Hot Chip

    Electronic music always has a place at Coachella so it makes sent that UK sensation Hot Chip have earned a slot at this year's event. The band's latest platter, One Night Stand, is out now. Vocalist Joe Goddard also enjoys another career as a club DJ, spinning electro music.

    Goddard's Coachella survival tip for fans

    Everyone else said water, which is the smart and obvious answer. Goddard made some other smart suggestions. "It's hot in your tent and you are dehydrated, so I would say take multi-vitamins and wear very light clothes and lots of headache pills and lots of hangover cures," Goddards said. "You should also bring something nice, like fruit, to eat in the morning. It's healthy. That is the hardest thing for the crowds to do is deal with the weather change. You are in a tent and it is freezing when the sun goes down, but in the morning it gets so hot." You just can't win, but something tells us, if you follow all the rules outlined here, you'll be just fine.

    Paul Meany – Mutemath

    New Orleans quirk rockers Mutemath will be popping their Coachella cherry this coming weekend, as performers and attendees. The band has never played nor been to the fest previously. "Needless to say, we’re stoked," singer Paul Meany said. "It’s a pretty great bill too. You just begin mix in the artists that you kind of wonder if you’ll ever get to see in a lifetime, and somehow this great musical experience stands over of decades of decades in this one festival." The band has enjoyed Bonaroo stints, though.

    Mike Patton – Faith No More

    Faith No More are making their return to the U.S. with their Coachella appearance, which is unquestionably and inarguably one of the main attractions this year. Vocalist Mike Patton commented on the band's appearance, saying, "In terms of festivals in the U.S., I can't think of a better one or a more appropriate one. The San Francisco shows are basically warm-ups for us. We're doing them in our hometown and it'll be like a high-five type of evening."

    Don't miss our ARTISTdirect.com exclusive interview with Mike Patton!

    Looks like in a week's time, another memorable Coachella fest will be in the books.

    —Amy Sciarretto

    Can't make it out to Coachella? No worries! You can get all the updates you need from ARTISTdirect.com on our Coachella Live Coverage page!

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