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  • Best Tracks 2015: Vince Staples - "Lift Me Up"

    Fri, 01 Jan 2016 01:28:02

    Best Tracks 2015: Vince Staples - "Lift Me Up" - Best of 2015 #BestOf2015

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    Vince Staples paints a complex and direct portrait of life in Long Beach, California on his debut album Summertime '06, released in June. The weight of understanding the difficulties of his surroundings can be heard through his voice, and he delivers his message with swift cuts that bore holes through listeners. On "Lift Me Up," the no-nonsense lyricists explains "I never vote for presidents, the presidents that change the hood are dead and green," is a direct comment on the truth that surrounds Staples' hometown.

    "Lift Me Up," essentially the opening track on Summertime '06, lays the blueprint for the 18 songs that will follow. Staples is all too aware of his reality. He knows it will take almost prophet-like qualities to change his world, and what he wants is in direct contrast from what he needs. "Fight between my conscience, and the skin that's on my body, man, I need to fight the power, but I need a new Ferrari."

    By the end of the 4-and-a-half minute track, he is exhausted, "See, this weight is on my shoulders, pray Jehovah lift me up, and my pain is never over, pills and potions fix me up. I just want to live it up, can a motherf***** breathe? Life ain't always what it seems, so please just lift me up." You can hear Staples almost gasping for air. It's the sound of a young man dealing directly with the harsh realities of Long Beach, and knowing that something needs to be done. After a year of police brutality and riots, and a lifetime of reflection, "Lift Me Up" stares straight down the barrel and questions the current state of society.

    Listen to "Lift Me Up" from Vince Staples:

    —The ARTISTdirect Staff

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