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    Fri, 17 Oct 2008 17:26:55

    Break It Down: Jet Black Stare - Living off condiment packets in an industry with no love

    "A good song is a good song man, simple as that!" Rod Black, lead singer and core songwriter of Jet Black Stare, is happy to remind us. With their debut album on Island Records, This Is Live, the quintet is set to drive this lesson home with 11-tracks that tear into the emotional core of the hard rock genre. We caught up with the band in the wake of the records release to talk about Tim Hortons coffee, surviving on condiment packets and the need for love in the music industry.

    What have you been listening to lately?

    New Shinedown—Absolutely LOVE this record. Johnny Cash...Otherwise, it's iPod on shuffle.

    Where's your favorite place to chill?

    Beside a lake/ocean/river somewhere—anywhere. Feel free to throw in some mountains too.

    What's the most dramatic thing you ever did to save money as a starving musician?

    Instead of eating when we were hungry, which costs money, we would just go to sleep, which is free! I've also resorted to Ketchup, Mustard and Relish packs many times. Sad.

    Tell us one of your favorite song lyrics.

    Well, I've kissed you in France and I've kissed you in Spain
    And I've kissed you in places I'd better not name
    And I've seen the sun go down on Sacre Coeur
    But I like it much better going down on you
    ("Rosy and Grey" - Lowest of the Low)

    What is your most cherished musical instrument or accessory?

    My first ever acoustic guitar. It is a Takamine, and every song I have ever written, was written on that guitar.

    If you could change one thing about the music industry today what would it be?

    It is very exclusive, and at times, can be mean spirited on the inside. A little more love would be nice.

    What never goes out of style?

    Rock N Roll

    What's the theme song to your life?

    Jack-Ass - Beck

    What movies, artists, authors or athletes inspire you the most?

    Just saw Into The Wild—first time in a long time a movie inspired me. In High School, I was very inspired by Steinbeck. Dave Grohl has always been a big influence.

    What's your favorite way to stay in shape?

    3 mile runs, push-ups, sit-ups. That's all I do...and I love it.

    What's your biggest guilty pleasure?

    Tim Hortons coffee. (It's a Canadian thing)

    MySpace or Facebook?

    Neither! The first moment I don't need this computer, I'm ditching it. That said, we do love the fact that myspace allows us to connect directly to our fans. I don't even have a facebook.

    —The ARTISTdirect Staff

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