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  • Candlebox Talks JVC Mobile Entertainment's "Turn Me On 4: Decades", New Album, and More

    Thu, 19 May 2011 08:55:23

    Candlebox Talks JVC Mobile Entertainment's "Turn Me On 4: Decades", New Album, and More - Kevin Martin of Candlebox talks JVC Mobile Entertainment's "Turn Me On 4: Decades" viral video campaign, new album, and more in this exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor and "Dolor" author Rick Florino...

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    • Candlebox - CANDLEBOX at HOUSE OF BLUES LA
    • Candlebox - CANDLEBOX at HOUSE OF BLUES LA

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    Candlebox continue to churn out timeless rock 'n' roll.

    Ever since their now classic self-titled debut, the band has been a stalwart force in the genre both in the studio and on stage. Most importantly, they've been prescient in terms of evolving with each new recorded offering and staying ahead of the changing tides of the music business. Their savvy has led them to JVC Mobile Entertainment's Turn Me On 4: Decades video campaign. Alongside Lita Ford, Rev Theory, and Puddle of Mudd, Candlebox singer Kevin Martin cruises through rock history in a fast-paced, hypnotic viral piece. The band's classic "You" blares through the speakers perfectly setting the tone for the awesomeness to follow…Check out the video here now!

    Candlebox mainman Kevin Martin spoke to ARTISTdirect.com editor and Dolor author Rick Florino in this exclusive interview about Turn Me On 4: Decades, the band's new album, getting signed for the first time, and so much more in this exclusive interview.

    What attracted you to the JVC Mobile Entertainment Turn Me On 4: Decades campaign?

    It's a very viral campaign. It's not every day that somebody comes to you and says, "Look, we're going to do something that 300 million people have an opportunity to see." We're releasing a new record, and it's an incredible launch. I have a JVC tape deck in my car. I've had their product for a long time, and it's cool. I like the concept of Lita Ford to Candlebox to Puddle of Mudd to Rev Theory.

    Do you feel like JVC encouraged your identity as a band to shine through in the video?

    They allowed us the freedom to really represent ourselves during our segment. I liked the way they shot the video and how I got to be in a convertible [Laughs]. That was cool. We drove around Sunset Blvd, and it was a blast.

    Was there an instant bond between all of the musicians on set?

    I've known Wes Scantlin from Puddle of Mudd for a long time now. He's played so many shows now. I'd never met the Rev Theory guys though. It was really cool to meet them during the shoot. I bought their records right after. They have a contemporary modern rock sound. JVC was directing this video towards where music is going.

    The music industry has changed immensely, and the video shows that. What was the story of your first record deal?

    I remember when we started the band. We'll be twenty-years-old this October which is still a shock to me. We got flown to Los Angeles by labels that were interested. Maverick and Geffen approached us with deals. However, we loved the Warner Brothers system, and we loved the concept of being the only rock band on a label owned by Madonna. We knew that there was going to be a lot of attention paid to us so we signed with Maverick. Those were exciting times. Nowadays, bands don't get signed. They simply put out records themselves. It's okay to be able to sell fifty thousand records and support yourselves on the road, but getting signed to a major label back in the day was a lot of fun.

    Is there more creative control now?

    There's a ton more! That being said, when don't have the bank behind you to move product, you're selling it out of your van. That's the hard thing. The hip-hop community is so good at marketing one another and supporting other artists in their network. Rock 'n' roll bands don't do that as much. Sub Pop, Epitaph, and a couple others are the only labels that adhere to that philosophy. They believe in putting together commercial tours based on their artists. Artists will bring them other bands to potentially sign. They go out and support each other on tour and play on each other's records.

    Do you feel like Candlebox's versatility has been one reason for reaching a twenty year career?

    I definitely think so. On the new record, we've gone into another direction this time around. We're reaching into the Americana songwriter series of music. We tried to do it years ago, but I don't think we were ready to. We weren't prepared before. With this record, we're really expanding ourselves as musicians. We're writing these sing-a-long songs that tell stories. We're very excited about that. Being diverse has allowed us to last twenty years.

    What's the plan for the new album?

    It's probably going to be late summer before it comes out. It's going to have five re-records from the first album, and six or seven new songs so it's an EP with bonus material. We're recording "Far Behind", "You", "Cover Me", and "Change".

    What was it like to re-approach those tunes so many years later?

    It was a lot of fun! I've playing them for so long. It's funny that they sound different. That's the concept of the re-record. We don't want them to sound the same at all. It's going to be really cool.

    Rick Florino

    What's your favorite Candlebox song?

    Check out our interview with Rev Theory's Rich Luzzi about the campaign here!

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