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    Fri, 18 May 2012 13:23:53

    Check Out Shilpa's "Girl Is Me" - She is a YouTube sensation, fashionista + a Wall Street financial analyst

    Shilpa Narayan is a fashionista, Wall street financial analyst, and musician with a killer voice. She's lots of things, which we like.

    Shilpa splices together elements directly in line with today's music scene, exhibiting relevant features like the smooth tones of R&B and the catchy sounds and relatable lyrics of today's relevant pop scene. Her LP is her first full length effort, and shows how after her YouTube success, she's really grown into her own voice.

    More info about Shilpa: She became an unintentional YouTube sensation by leaving a personal stamp on covers, driving them with her distinct voice and playfully tinkering with melodies.

    Now, Shilpa is setting out to score views by the thousands for her own music, drawing on her Indian roots while maintaining an awareness of the modern day music scene. Her album Stand Alone and first full length project explores arrangements that expand with full and gutsy feel, alleviated by her flirtations with open drum lines and her sultry vocals. Her melodies dart through a variety of energies, but target one specific sound. Complimented by revealing and relatable lyrics, it's clear Shilpa has found her musical identity in the midst of performing covers.

    "I knew it was time to start channeling the influence of other artists, instead of make them the focal point of my music" said Shilpa. "Covers have taught me so much, and I want to apply that wisdom to my own stories."

    Check out "Girl Is Me" below:

    Did you like the haunting, provocative "Girl Is Me?"

    —Maggie Pannacione

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