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  • Devildriver Guitarist Jeff Kendrick Reviews "My Soul to Take"

    Fri, 08 Oct 2010 13:46:35

    Devildriver Guitarist Jeff Kendrick Reviews "My Soul to Take" - Devildriver guitarist Jeff Kendrick pens a fantastic review of "My Soul to Take," which hits theaters tomorrow...review is only ARTISTdirect.com..."My Soul to Take" is in theaters now...

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    When one thinks of the name Wes Craven, many things come to mind. The iconic horror film writer and director has had a career spanning many decades. He's created some of the most identifiable and memorable films in the genre. His most recent work, My Soul To Take is shaping up to be one of the most memorable horror films of the year, further cementing Craven as the "Master Of Horror."

    Hopefully, in the fashion of his previous films like A Nightmare On Elm Street and, of course, Scream, there will be further sequels of My Soul To Take because, as the credits roll, you want more. That's just what Wes does though…

    All the classic elements of horror that we consciously and subconsciously love are present in this film: isolation, the unknown and the supernatural, to name a few. The story takes place in a rural, Massachusetts town known for a serial killer called "The Riverton Ripper," the man formerly known as "Abel Plainkoff." However, there is much more to this madman than being an average killer. Abel is possessed by seven souls, and one of them is a killer. That one dark personality drives him to murder his pregnant wife in the film's opening. The baby fortunately survives and Abel is killed in the melee. Or is he?

    On the day of Abel's apparent death, seven babies are born. As the years go on, they collectively gather to celebrate their birthdays. On the day of their 16th birthdays, they meet by the river where the ripper was apparently last seen and, just like during past years, attempt to summon him. It goes terribly wrong after that for all the kids as they are slowly "disposed of" by an unknown assailant.

    As each character is promptly murdered in creative death sequences, the list shortens of those left alive and those who could be the "killer." It slowly unfolds that one character named "Bug" played by Max Theriot, shows similar "Jekyll and Hyde" characteristics that Plainkoff did before he died. Craven also shows his ability to create believable and accurate portrayals of teenagers as he has in many of his films. As each victim is slowly disposed of, the viewer questions if the Ripper is really alive. Could he have survived? Or is someone or "something" else perpetrating the murders?

    Craven's true talent as a horror filmmaker is that he never truly gives away anything, keeping the viewer speculating on exactly what is going on. By the end, you find yourself deducing who could actually be behind the blood? Go see My Soul To Take on October 8th and witness a continuing journey into the mind of one of the horror's most legendary filmmakers. I doubt you will be disappointed.

    Jeff Kendrick, Devildriver Guitarist

    Will you be seeing My Soul to Take? Are you excited for Devildriver's new album?

    For our Rogue on Rogue interview between Corey Taylor of Slipknot & Stone Sour and Wes Craven click here!

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