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  • Director Shane Meadows Talks "The Stone Roses: Made of Stone"

    Tue, 05 Nov 2013 11:30:22

    Director Shane Meadows Talks "The Stone Roses: Made of Stone" - The film is in limited U.S. release starting tomorrow, November 6

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    Iconic and influential U.K. band The Stone Roses are the subject of The Stone Roses: Made of Stone, a new documentary that will see limited release in the U.S as of tomorrow, November 6. [Find Theaters/tickets]

    The band reunited in 2012 after splitting 16 years prior, which was a huge deal for fans. Luckily for them, and music doc buffs, director Shane Meadows was there to capture it ALL with a fresh eye and perspective.

    Meadows spoke to us about the doc, giving us (and you) some insight and revealing that the film chose him more so than he chose it. He's a monster fan, but how this project fell into his lap is pretty amazing!

    Go see it.

    Here's our drive-by chat, full of all the details you need to know!

    What made you chose the Stone Roses to be the topic of your next film?

    I was on my way to the Dinard Film Festival in Brittany --it's our favorite festival-- and I'm on my way to East Midlands airport on a drizzly, grey day, and the phone rings. And it's [Stone Roses singer] Ian Brown! I remember thinking 'Bloody hell, I've not spoken to Ian for a long time, please let it be a pop promo or something like that!'

    And I picked the phone up: 'I know you're a big fan of the Roses, Shane, I just wanted to let you know that we're getting back together. You can't tell anyone, because we haven't done the press conference yet, but I wanted you to know, and wondered if you'd be interested in filming it.' And I thought, 'Does he mean make a film about the whole thing?' But either way, I said 'Look, I promise, I won't tell anybody, but I'm just about to meet Mark Herbert (producer of the film), who's a massive fan as well, like me, and I wouldn't be able to go three or four days without mentioning it to him, because if anything comes of it, I'm going to want to do it with him.' And he said, 'Yeah, tell Mark, but keep it under your hat.'

    So I didn't really choose the film as such. I was editing the last episode of TV series This is England 88. I was about to start writing a feature but had to put everything on hold.

    Why did this band's story need to be told?

    You had people in the press saying that the band was just getting back together for the money, but you go to the rehearsals and you soon realize that they're just trying to make the music the best it can be. This was a chance for the band to come back and show the people what amazing musicians they are and I think to sort of right a wrong, because they were taken from us fans too early – and they never really got to hit their prime. And the influence they had on me and many others had to be shown.

    What was the one thing that surprised you to learn about the band when making this film?

    I could see all the chemistry of the band, and I was thinking, 'I've got to capture this for the fans like myself.' What I realized more than anything on this is that I went into it thinking I was their Number One Fan, and you go to Warrington and you go, 'Oh my god, I'm not. I'm actually part of a family of fans who are all as obsessed with these people, and as moved by their music as I was.' Warrington was a beautiful day. The mad thing is I thought, 'I'm gonna show the band this 25-minute section where they are not in it,' and they will be like, 'I thought this was a documentary about us!' But it's their favorite bit of the film!

    Why should people go and see this film?

    I was there as a fan and I wanted to capture something as a fan, and I'm still a bigger fan than I was when I started, and so that's testament to how great the band are. I hope that people watch the film and see it as a celebration of the band and a way to recapture our youth.

    Who plans to see this film? Don't snooze!

    —Maggie Pannacione

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