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  • "Electro Shocks Coachella" — 5 DJs You Need To See At Coachella

    Mon, 28 Mar 2011 17:19:11

    "Electro Shocks Coachella" — 5 DJs You Need To See At Coachella  - Featuring The Chemical Brothers, Paul van Dyk, Skrillex, Steve Angello, and Afrojack in this exclusive feature by ARTISTdirect.com contributor Mary Gonzalez…

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    There's nothing quite like dancing in the desert.

    As the years go by, electronic music becomes more and more of a crucial element of the Coachella experience. Artists like Deadmau5 have turned the Indio fields into electrifying dance parties, offering festival goers a chance to cut loose and get down, while putting on a show that matches the festival's marquee rock acts in terms of bombast and brilliance. At Coachella 2006, Daft Punk's visual presentation was rivaled by only that of Tool—who can do no wrong, but that's another story. The wizards of electronic music, those knights of the turntables always make the Coachella experience more magical, and 2011 boasts one of the most diverse and dynamic electronic music selections just yet.

    ARTISTdirect.com contributor and resident dance music guru Mary Gonzalez offers up a list of the DJs who will really make you sweat at Coachella. Bring water and be ready to groove because these cats are all primed to make the desert just a little hotter…

    The Chemical Brothers

    This British electronica twosome remains a torchbearer of the genre. Their mix of tripped out alternative dance music is perfect for Coachella's unique lineup and setting. They also marry their music with a mind-bending show that'll transfix anyone within earshot or plain-sight. Plus, they've done rock-based tours such as Family Values and have the gusto to add a little more performance than your average DJ behind an iBook and effects rig. They're always intoxicating live and their set at Coachella promises to be epic in every way possible. They're known for heavy duty collaborations too, and we know Kanye West loves his electro—do we sense the YouTube video of the year if 'Ye and The Chemical Brothers kick out the jams together? Time will tell…

    Paul van Dyk

    This German electro legend is also in tow to show the kids some good old fashioned hard house music. Fans can do doubt expect classics like "For An Angel", "Let Go", and "Time Of Our Lives," but van Dyk is also likely to treat the sold out crowd to material from his forthcoming long-awaited 2007 album, Evolution. The album's got an apt title for a few reasons. The DJ continues to move with the tides of the genre while guiding them, and he's also another reason all house-, trance-, dance-, electro-heads need to skip the clubs that weekend and take a trip out to the dessert.


    Skrillex's show promises to be a detonation of American dubstep unlike anything else on Coachella's bill. He's got a heavy metal heart wrapped inside throbbing industrial bass and syncopated Euro beats, and that's what makes Skrillex so mind-blowing. He'll be busting out material from his highly traded mixtape My Name Is Skrillex and his first official EP, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (EP). There's bound to be a little moshing when he hits the stage, and he's got a rabid young fan base that'll no doubt be out full force at Coachella.

    Steve Angello

    One of house's most important figures, Steve Angello, continues to be a real chameleon. He can adapt to any setting and rock the crowd, so he's bound to really kick some serious ass at Coachella. He's got a house music style like no one—it's hot, hard, and heavy. How awesome would it be to see a bunch of hippies and hipsters fist-pumping to Steve Angello? We think it might just be one of the most awesome things ever and would be willing to drive all the way to Indio from L.A. just for that…Can hippies fist-pump properly? Time will tell, won't it…


    Following in the footsteps of legendary Dutch pioneers DJ Tiësto and Armin van Buuren, Afrojack is blazing his own trail that'll lead right to the Indio Polo fields this Coachella. A highly sought after producer, he's collaborated on tracks with everyone from David Guetta and Diplo to Kid Cudi, Laidback Luke and Steve Angello. Who can forget his little sonic alchemy with Snoop Dogg "Last Night?" Plus, "Take Over Control" stormed the charts in numerous countries as he spun to sold out crowds all over the globe. With house music continuing to take over, Afrojack's been asked to remix Madonna's "Revolver" and pop's reigning queen Lady Gaga's "Alejandro." Young, hot on the trends and gaining popularity, he's basically Gaga's equivalent in House music. Don't miss him at Coachella!

    —Mary Gonzalez

    What DJs are you excited to see at Coachella?

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