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  • Exclusive Blog: Anya Marina's "Dispatches From Felony Flats" Installment 1

    Mon, 23 Jan 2012 09:40:51

    Exclusive Blog: Anya Marina's "Dispatches From Felony Flats" Installment 1 -

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    On her forthcoming album, Felony Flats available March 13, 2012, Anya Marina tells some truly intriguing tales. Her knack for a compelling story is just as sharp as her knack for a fiery hook. Over the course of the record, she provides a new alternative with a gorgeous hum evocative of the '90s yet decidedly fresh. Think a 21st century PJ Harvey, yet super smart and catchy…

    ARTISTdirect.com has teamed up with Anya Marina to bring you her exclusive blog Dispatches From Felony Flats. She'll be giving us some of those stories and so much more…

    Here's the first installment…

    Hi, Folks!

    It's been some time since my last dispatch, and if memory serves, my last missive was something of a disaster. I look just a wee bit of a mess in the video--having bruised my face days prior by falling on my guitar--and my tone is the somber one of a lonely girl in search of tiramisu and chocolate chip cookies, my then-panacea for my case of "free floating ennui."

    CUT TO: present day--suffice it to say, I'm in a much better place.

    There are no mystery bruises, no chocolate hangovers--I'm not writing you from an off-ramp near a Dairy Queen. These days I am not quite so nomadic or peripatetic, having moved into my own home in Portland, Oregon with my very own garden where I grow my very own zucchini and my very own cabbage and my very own kale.

    Since we last spoke, I left California for Portland on what was supposed to be a two-week writing trip. I never came home.

    Two weeks and a couple demos turned into a permanent residence, a 6 song EP (Spirit School, released in 2011) and a full length album. I fell so in love with Portland that I even named my record after an area of town sometimes referred to as "Felony Flats" (to be released March 13, 2012).

    I got so into being off the road, I started to think this was my new calling, being a housewife--or more accurately, an Unmarried Indie Rock Housewife of Portland (if I write the pilot, can we greenlight this thing, Bravo?).

    I cleaned, I gardened, I bought beautiful bedding and napkins. I built fires. I made soup. I started to get really really good at this off-the-road thing. Over the past two years, I have read a lot of magazine articles and I've watched a lot of Woody Allen movies. I've hiked through Forest Park. I learned about native plants and foliage. I've skied Mt. Hood. I've walked all the way from Northeast to Sellwood. I joined a co-op. I have a compost bin. How's that for rooted?!

    The past two years haven't all been about nesting, however--I recorded and produced my album with my right hand man Gregg Williams engineering, did the occasional TV appearance, show and tour (with Joshua Radin in February of 2011 and on my own in the Summer of 2011) and made some good friends in this nice city. James Mercer from The Shins even offered to loan me his van for tour (I declined--how horrible would it be to dent The Shins' first van!--but still: nice, right?)

    Suffice it to say, Portland has been good to me.

    So, before I write you with my next tour dispatch (I'll be opening up for Chop Shop label-mates Scars on 45 end of Jan through end of Feb), let's take a look at a year in pictures.

    Anya recording "Spirit School" with Michael Benjamin Lerner of Telekinesis:

    Opening for Joshua Radin, February 2011:

    with Joshua Radin and band (L to R: Frederik Bokkenheuser, Josh Radin, Brandon Walters, Kenneth Pattengale)

    recording Felony Flats with Unfrozen Caveman Engineer Gregg Williams:

    The things I read...

    The things I watched...

    Garden parties at the Mercers':

    Summer 2011 Tour, Los Angeles (L to R: drummer Paulie Pulvirenti, bassist Jeff Bond, AM, guitarist Cody Votolato

    Garden parties (note compost bin!)


    backstage at Doug Fir with Britt Daniel

    Monkey Puzzle Tree

    new band lineup: guitarist Christian Hurd, Paulie Pulvirenti, Jeff Bond

    out-take of photo shoot with photographer Parker Fitzgerald, residential street, Felony Flats

    Are you excited for Felony Flats?

    Anya Marina

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