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  • Exclusive Interview: Bring Me The Horizon's Oli Sykes and Of Mice & Men's Austin Carlile

    Mon, 10 Feb 2014 09:08:09

    Exclusive Interview: Bring Me The Horizon's Oli Sykes and Of Mice & Men's Austin Carlile - By ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino...

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    In a pairing of epic proportions, Bring Me the Horizon and Of Mice & Men are currently decimating venues across the United States on The American Dream Tour. It's a dream come true for metal and hard rock fans everywhere as both bands continue to impress with their latest offerings Sempiternal and Restoring Force, respectively. They represent the future of hard rock, and they're doing its legacy very proud.

    So, ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino spoke to Austin Carlile of Of Mice & Men and Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon for this exclusive interview about The American Dream Tour and so much more.

    Where did the idea behind The American Dream Tour come from?

    Austin Carlile: With Bring Me The Horizon's new record doing so well and our record just dropping, it felt like we'd be great support for them on tour. They're an awesome band to hit the road with. We just jumped at the opportunity. We want to play sold out shows [Laughs]. Doing it with Bring Me The Horizon is how we're going to do it!

    Oli Sykes: It's pretty much what he said! It seemed like a really good fucking idea. It's something a lot of our fans have wanted to see for a long time coming. It's one of those deals where we want to take a really strong band out who could probably do the same venues we're doing anyway. It's a very strong bill and a great time.

    What do you see in common between the two bands? Even though you both sound different, there's definitely some shared ground.

    Oli Sykes: Something I noticed personally involves the kinds of fans we have and how they react to the music. There's a certain relationship that they have to our music. We're two different-sounding bands. You're right in saying that. We have different messages. It's very different, but it connects with the listeners in the same way. We have very passionate fans. A lot of fans share the same problems and shit they deal with. They find a bit of understanding in our music. I think that's something that connects our bands together.

    Austin Carlile: I agree too. It's the same core base. We have a lot of similarities in that as well. Musically, I don't see that much of a similarity, especially in the respect of the new album and where our latest material branches off too. I think we're just two solid young rock bands. I think it's going to be a good year for the both of us.

    What have been some of the most memorable moments with fans or defining experience?

    Oli Sykes: I guess kids like to take things quite far. This is all quite new to us—having a fan base this mental [Laughs]. It's a bit of an in-joke for us, but the name Sempiternal sounded like "Sand pit turtle" to some people. It's a joke that's gotten out of hand. People bring all of these toy turtles and baking cakes. Then, on Warped Tour, somebody actually brought a live pet turtle!

    Austin Carlile: [Laughs] Kids get so passionate about music and the people who do it. I think it's cool we get to take that torch. It's a responsibility, but it's rad to see how stoked kids get by us. I don't think I'm anyone special. It's always humbling to see how far we've come as a band and what fans actually do think of us. It's a cool feeling to have fans support us that massively.

    What bands spoke to you like that in high school?

    Oli Sykes: It was bands like Deftones, Glassjaw, and Linkin Park. Those were a few bands that got me into music.

    Austin Carlile: Yeah, Linkin Park was sick! I used to listen to more hardcore music like No Warning or Mental. It was super-fast punk rock hardcore. The first time I heard Linkin Park and Korn, I was like, "This stuff's awesome!" I want to do this. I heard Hybrid Theory, and I thought, "This is it!" I listen to all of the same stuff I did in high school.

    The bands from the turn-of-the-century scene don't get enough credit.

    Austin Carlile: I listen to all of the same stuff I did in high school.

    Oli Sykes: We were just watching Slipknot play live recently. We still like to listen to the same shit we liked to as kids. We appreciate it.

    Is it cathartic to be so honest in your music or is it emotionally draining? What effect does the process have on you?

    Oli Sykes: If you experience it, you can get everything out of your head and into a song. That's definitely a form of therapy for me. When you're singing, there's no consequence to what you're saying. There's no point in lying. It's all out, and it's honest.

    Austin Carlile: I agree. I've felt the same thing especially with our newer music we're doing. It's easier to put it in there than to keep it inside for me. I'd rather sing about it every night. I'd rather sing about something that's meaningful to me and I actually wrote because I went through it and experienced it. I'm not talking about something completely left-field that has nothing to do with my actual life. It keeps music that much more fun and relative to me. You're doing it when everything's real. You're not lying about it. If you are, you're just lying to yourself because you're the one who's up there singing it every night.

    Both bands balance the melodic and heavy. Is that something delicate?

    Oli Sykes: It's just about making music you want to listen to. That's the balance. We're people who listen to heavy music but also people who listen to music outside of metal growing up. For both of our bands, it's about making music we want to listen to. That's the sound. It's not about going, "We need to tone this heavy bit down or make this part heavier". It's quite simple in that respect.

    Austin Carlile: We want to write good songs and things we like listening to. It's music that sounds like what we used to listen to, and we just go for it.

    Where did the name for the tour come from?

    Oli Sykes: It's a bit ironic. The American Dream is something I find funny at first. We were looking at these images of things that go on in America. I find America an awesome place to tour, but it's a bit scary. At the same time, for the people who like this kind of music, it is a bit of a dream tour. It's a bit of a tongue-in-cheek name for it.

    What shows stick out in your mind?

    Oli Sykes: For me Reading and Leeds last year in the UK were pretty big. It was one of those moments where it hit me. We played it four years ago, and there was a completely different reaction. The first time, we were getting bottles, shit, and food thrown at us. It was a horrible experience. Four years later, it was the exact same stage and place, and everything was flipped around completely. That was a big deal for our band.

    Austin Carlile: I don't feel we've had that moment yet. Oli, I watched that show you guys did. We were watching it, and we were like, "No way! This is massive!" We're a younger band with younger members. It's cool to see how you guys are doing it and how successful you've been. Most importantly, you're still being Bring Me The Horizon. That's something we strive to do as well. We want to take that next step, get to that level, and do those shows but turnaround and still be Of Mice & Men. That's something we admire about you guys. We haven't had that show yet, but I look forward to it.

    You guys are keeping hard rock alive...

    Oli Sykes: We're trying to!

    Austin Carlile: We're trying to get the torch passed. I was recently with Mike Shinoda, and we were talking about that. I want the torch. I want rock music to come back. The bands back in the day were the biggest. Those numbers of records sold don't exist anymore, but I feel like people still love the music just the same. I think they're just waiting for artists to come out with albums like that. That's why everybody likes Bring Me The Horizon's record so much because it does that. It's new, and it's good. That's what we hope they do with our new album too.

    The American Dream Tour featuring Bring Me the Horizon and Of Mice & Men dates:
    2/10 Tucson, Ariz. – Rialto Theater
    2/11 Phoenix, Ariz. – Marquee Theater
    2/12 Albuquerque, N.M. – Sunshine Theater
    2/13 Denver, Colo. – The Ogden
    2/14 Kansas City, Mo. – Uptown
    2/15 Sauget, Ill. – Pops
    2/17 Minneapolis, Minn. – Mill City Nights
    2/18 Chicago, Ill. – House of Blues
    2/21 Plymouth, Mich. – Compuware Arena
    2/22 Toronto, Ontario – Sound Academy
    2/24 Montreal, Quebec – Metropolis
    2/27 Worchester, Mass. – The Palladium
    2/28 New York, N.Y. – Best Buy
    3/02 Philadelphia, Pa. – The Electric Factory
    3/03 Silver Springs, Md. – The Fillmore Silver Springs
    3/04 Clifton Park, N.Y. – Upstate
    3/06 Atlanta, Ga.– The Tabernacle
    3/07 Nashville, Tenn. – War Memorial Auditorium
    3/08 Memphis, Tenn. – New Daisy
    3/10 New Orleans, La. – House of Blues
    3/11 Houston, Texas – House of Blues
    3/12 Mission, Texas – Las Palmas Race Park (Never Say Never Fest)
    3/13 San Antonio, Texas – Backstage Live
    3/14 Austin, Texas – SXSW
    3/15 Grand Prairie, Texas – Quik Trip Park (South By So What?! Fest)
    3/16 Oklahoma City, Okla. – Diamond Ballroom
    3/18 El Paso, Texas – Tricky Falls
    3/21 San Francisco, Calif. – Regency Grand Ballroom
    3/24 Seattle, Wash. - Showbox at the Market
    3/25 Vancouver, British Columbia – Vogue Theater
    3/26 Portland, Ore. – Roseland Theater
    3/28 San Diego, Calif. – Soma

    For ticket info visit BMTH or OMandM

    Rick Florino

    What are your favorite songs from both bands?

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