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  • Exclusive: Kat Dahlia Reveals Secrets From "I Think I'm In Love" Video

    Wed, 01 Apr 2015 09:21:32

    Exclusive: Kat Dahlia Reveals Secrets From "I Think I'm In Love" Video - Find out what it's about

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    Kat Dahlia photo by Rankin

Smoky-voiced singer Kat Dahlia, easily one of our BIGGEST girl crushes, dropped her new video for "I Think I'm in Love" from My Garden [iTunes link]. We got to ask her about the secrets of the video.

    First, watch the video for "I Think I'm in Love."

    Now get the scoop, directly from the amazing Kat Dahlia.

    Was the cereal that you make a mess with… Fruit Loops? Even when pausing the clip, we couldn't tell from the logo on the box.

    It was Fruit Loops and the carton was from movie sets, because of licensing, it was a play off of it. It's called 'Kids Loops' or something.

    Was the adorable dog an actor, too?

    He was a better actor than me. When we got to the set, they were like, 'Don't talk to the dog. The dog is not a pet. The dog is an actor.' It was hard not to be like 'Hi!! to him or to not raise the pitch of my voice or to call him over and give him a treat. He was so on point. The owner was like 'Don't drink the milk yet!' He was trying so hard! It was an intense video. We had stunts, dogs, spilled milk. It was romance-slash-action.

    You freak out a little bit in the kitchen? How did you summon those emotions? What is your prep or method?

    It's me going through the treatment, flushing it out and visualizing what I want it to look like. I have to get into the mindset I was in when I wrote. When I write a song, and then listen to the song months or years later, I get into that frame. Since I wrote this song a few years ago, I had to go back to that place. All the lyrics, I remembered… I remembered what I was feeling and why I wrote that. It puts me in that headspace again.

    Actors get into a character they aren't. In this sense, I get into a character that I am and am opening that side of myself again.

    The clothes are great, like the heels you rock while lounging by the pool. How much input did you have into the clothes?

    I had a stylist. She was amazing. We went through and spent a few hours picking out what we loved on the racks and put the outfits together. I wanted it to feel like me and have a little taste of that Miami flavor, with bright colors, like turquoise and magenta. Then some pieces were more chill and laid back, like with the over throw sweater. It was stylized but still sexy. I wanted the outfits to have pops of color. The last red dress looks so beautiful. We wanted it to have a touch of romance.

    Who is your dude? Or "dutch?"

    That is Ky Mahone. He is a Hawaiian kid. I was like a pimp, going through these photos of actors, like 'Next.' Then I saw him and thought that he was the dude. I needed to vibe with him so people believed the relationship in the video. He sent back a video and it was awkward and adorable, and I thought, 'This is the s**t.' It was funny. I wanted this dude. We had so much fun.

    There are a lot of inside and outside scenes, showing darkness and light. Which did you prefer?

    I love the inside shots, since I love the tone and colors on the inside. This song is about being in love again and it's beautiful, but the more important side of it and which gives that feeling so much power is the fear and the darker side of falling in love again, with trust issues and insecurity. It's an uphill battle, overcoming all of your past issues. It's me fighting with my emotions. Part of me loves this feeling and part of me is really f**king scared. It's going through all of those feelings. I love the duality of it.

    Kat Dahlia photo by Rankin

    Kat Dahlia photo by Rankin

    —Amy Sciarretto
    Photos by Rankin

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