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    Tue, 29 Jul 2014 09:54:53

    Exclusive: Lili Haydn "Lililand" Track-by-Track - Get to know each song intimately

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    Lili Haydn will release Lililand on September 16. She is giving you an intimate and advance look at each song with this track-by-track rundown. It's the Lili Haydn Guided Tour of Lililand.

    Strap yourselves in.

    "ELEPHANT TRAPEZE (Welcome to LiliLand)," Feat. Jake Mills:

    "This song was written in one of those fanciful moments when even the dustmites are singing to you, and the playfulness and pathos run seamlessly into each other. In other words, welcome to LiliLand!"

    "MY MY CROSS THE LINE," Feat. Marvin Etzioni and Itai Disraeli:

    "'My My Cross the Line' was written right after I evacuated my house, and was just starting to feel like I was getting my life back after losing everything in a freak chemical accident. I felt free, finally having fun making music in the studio again, staying up all night grooving and hypnotizing myself with a blend of circus chimes and funky bass…I think of it like if Tom Waits were in a Tim Burton movie about a violin playing jungle girl. Speaking of jungle girl, I was raised with almost no pop culture, and didn't realize when I wrote this song that the chorus was almost the exact same melody as David Essex's Rock On. By the time I was alerted to this fact, the song was too far along to change, so I reached out to Essex to split the song!"

    "SEA OF GOLD":

    "'Sea of Gold' was inspired by Joseph Campbell's Power of Myth, in which he describes a woman who dreamt of herself laying on a bed of rocks. Inside these rocks was locked all her treasure. Campbell explained that as she opened up her heart, she began to dream of the treasure pouring out of the rocks. Coming out of this five- year period of intense rehabilitation and creative catharsis, I began to imagine the gold inside me pouring out into a Sea of Gold, a kind of primordial soup, where all life and creativity is born, where we all connect."


    "This song was inspired by a five-year-old girl I saw protesting outside the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She was holding a sign that said "I know how to share!"


    "Unless you're in a bubble, posting pictures of your lunch, you can't help but notice that it's getting intense out there... tyranny, fear, and suffering everywhere...and I realized it's so easy to vilify other people, other countries, other parties, even real villains...but there's a little bit of the bogeyman in all of us, and we all have the capacity to destroy or love. I definitely have annihilated a few people in my time, and with this song, I declare, I'm ready to disarm the tyrant inside me."

    "KASHMIR" (Led Zeppelin):

    "Everybody covers 'Kashmir.' It's an amazing song. I would never have ventured into that very much charted territory, but a friend reminded me that I had a good reason. I had the distinct honor of playing ‘Kashmir' with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant at the Forum in Los Angeles, and then opening for them on their last US tour in 1999. I was joined by members of Hans Zimmer's team of musicians, and the legendary drummer Matt Chamberlain (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Lana Del Rey) on this unique arrangement of this iconic and inspiring song. And, it makes me make the funky face."


    "This tune starts with the Mendelssohn Violin concerto in E minor and explodes into an exuberant rock 'n roll violin solo, victoriously declaring that music saved my life. You see, four years ago I was brain damaged by pesticide poisoning, and after trying every therapy available, it was finally practicing classical music again that rehabilitated me. This is How I Got My Brains Back! I did a TEDx talk about the experience, and in the process of researching it, I found out how important music is for both the rehabilitation and the development of the brain. This renewed my commitment to music education and I joined forces with Matt Sorum, Macy Gray, and Slash, to raise money for Adopt the Arts, a program to bring music to public schools."

    "GOD SAID":

    "This is the first song I wrote after I evacuated my house, suffering from brain damage and having lost all my belongings (except my violin). It's hard to reconcile this kind of thing with any sense of a just Universe or loving God. In this song I sing both the Shema, and the La Ilahu, the exact same Jewish and Muslim prayers affirming the Oneness of God… Whatever your belief system is…God, or nature, or nothing, I think ultimately we're all connected…it's all God, even the suffering, even the ‘devil' is just God in disguise. I don't have any answers, but I believe the beauty and the pathos are all emanations of the ineffable force that creates all life. And God said, 'I created everything!…and this too, my love, this too.'"


    "I wrote this song for a film I scored called The Horse Boy about a family with an autistic son, who traveled to Mongolia from shaman to shaman on horseback to try to find a cure. Ultimately there was no 'cure,' but the adventure and process of letting go of expectations led to a greater understanding of the boy and a much deeper bond and richer love. ‘Love is letting go…this is a moment of grace.'"

    "HERE IS THE ROSE": "'Here is the Rose' is the theme song for the critically acclaimed film ANITA, by Oscar winning director Freida Lee Mock, about seminal gender activist Anita Hill. It was sent to Eve Ensler (Vagina Monologues) and adopted for the internationally celebrated 'One Billion Rising' movement to end violence against women."

    "I AM A MAN":

    "I was asked to perform for the American Civil Rights Museum, and was inspired by the amazing signs worn by the Sanitation workers who marched with Martin Luther King before he was killed...they didn't say 'Higher wages' or 'Equal rights.' They simply said 'I AM A MAN' -- a declaration of the highest order that they deserved human dignity. I believe that is the essence of every movement; LGBTQ, the Women's movement, even animal rights and the environmental movement...simply a respect for life. It contains a quote from the Reverend Billy Kyles, who was with MLK at the time of his assassination, "You can kill the dreamer, you can never kill the dream.'"

    Are you psyched for this album?

    —Maggie Pannacione

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