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  • Exclusive Song Premiere & Interview: Eve to Adam, "Immortal"

    Mon, 26 Aug 2013 10:14:47

    Exclusive Song Premiere & Interview: Eve to Adam, "Immortal" - Listen to it now!

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    New song time.

    ARTISTdirect has teamed up with NYC rockers Eve to Adam to exclusive premiere their new song "Immortal" from Locked & Loaded, out September 17.

    "'Immortal' is dedicated to those whose accomplishments and influence will last way beyond their living years. It's about those people that everybody else wants to emulate and strive to be like," frontman Taki Sassari told ARTISTdirect about the song.

    So it's about having a legacy! The song is a grungey, dark, moody track. But we love it. You will, too.

    Listen to the song here!

    See our exclusive Q&A with Taki below!

    What ties Locked & Loaded together for you?

    It has great continuity even though we wrote and produced with different people. I think Michael "Elvis" Baskette did an amazing job at helming it all together and giving it a cohesion. The mixes are fantastic. The production is very modern but still steeped in classical traditions. It's an album. That's what we set out to make. There's a vacuum in rock right now. There are some awesome bands out there, making great songs and sounds, but there aren't many great records circulating around. We worked really hard to have people validate those efforts. When they do, that's pretty much the best feeling you could have.

    How did the approach differ from the first album?

    We really took a lot more time to write. We were writing on the road. We took the ideas and inspirations and started molding them and shaping them. We took two months before we went into the first session with "Elvis" to whittle it down to really strong ideas. Having done 120 shows and crisscrossing the country in front of so many audiences, we wanted to make a record that would have a good kick live. We tend to be a little more aggressive and intense live. We figured if we went a little more intense on the actual recording, it would enhance the live experience. This industry is based on live music. To break an album and a band, you have to tour a ton. That was on our minds. We wanted to make a collection of songs we could play over and over again and enjoy bringing to an audience live every night. That was a factor for sure.

    What's the story behind "Straitjacket Supermodel"?

    That was the first song we wrote with Eric Bass from Shinedown. We were able to build a really cool track. When we were sitting there trying to figure out an idea for the lyrics and concept, I'd been a fan of Dexter on Showtime for quite some time. To me, the song had a bit of a crime scene aesthetic. I wanted to write a theme song for the ego trip Dexter goes on before he commits another murder. That chorus could be the anthem for how he really feels doing what he does and executing other criminals, in a sense. That was the inspiration for that song.

    How did "Forgive" come about?

    That was one of the last songs on the record. It was a riff Gaurav had. Elvis added that really heavy section at the end. I happened to be in a certain state of mind where when I heard that riff, that part came alive and I grabbed the mic and belted it out. It was an in-the-moment catharsis. We've done a certain style of rock for a while, but we're not limited to that. I wanted to have a moment on the record and live that I could vent that energy and anger. "Forgive" is thematically a really great song. Lyrically, it takes you somewhere. Ending that record with that exclamation point and question was a great way to send people off thinking about the band. In the human experience, one of the hardest things to do in life is to really forgive someone who has wronged you and done something to create a lot of pain and heart. The strength it takes to overcome that energy and set yourself free from not holding a grudge was the inspiration for the song. The melody and the lyrics poured out of me because it was something I felt. It raises an important question, "Can you forgive?" It's what somebody has to do to move forward so they don't get trapped in that grudge.

    If Locked & Loaded were a movie or a combination of movies, what would you compare it to?

    That's a really great question. It's definitely got a lot of action in it. I'd say maybe Gone In 60 Seconds mixed with The Fast and the Furious with a little bit of Lethal Weapon to it. It's got a racy appeal, but it's intense. It has some moments of humanity to it as well. You could throw a little bit of The Shawshank Redemption in there too. Mix all of those together.

    What have you been listening to lately?

    I really like the In This Moment record Blood. I love the new Killswitch Engage record, Disarm the Descent. I'm digging on that a lot. I like the new Soundgarden, King Animal a lot. It brings a modern feel to their classic sound.

    Did you feel "Immortal?"

    —Amy Sciarretto & Rick Florino

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