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  • Exclusive Video Premiere: Starling Glow, "We Are Infinite" (Dave Aude Remix)

    Tue, 21 Jan 2014 10:14:28

    Exclusive Video Premiere: Starling Glow, "We Are Infinite" (Dave Aude Remix) - Listen now!

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    ARTISTdirect is pleased to premiere the video of the Dave Audé remix of Starling Glow's "We Are Infinite."

    Starling Glow's (twitter) Liz Hill gave us deep insight into the song. She told us, "'We Are Infinite' was actually one of the last songs we wrote for the album. Track by track, I was processing the emotional roller coaster that I'd been on leading up to that point; between my indie band falling apart, getting vocal nodes and being terrified that I'd permanently damaged my voice, finding the nerve to walk away from a caustic romance that almost pushed me to give up on music altogether... It was a lot, and there's plenty of that angst and frustration apparent in the album."

    She continued, "But once I'd finished all that soul searching, it dawned on me that despite all the challenges I'd faced, I was getting to make this incredible album with musicians I'd only hoped to work with, with the support of one of the best producers that I now have the privilege to call my dear friend... And for lack of another way to describe it, I felt unstoppable, fearless, infinite. The lyrics of 'We Are Infinite' pretty much wrote themselves once I tapped into that feeling. It's about seizing the moment, embracing your youth (I am a firm believer that age and youth are two entirely different concepts hah) and not being afraid to make your mark on the world."

    Regarding the video, she said, "I love where the director took the video - we shot at this amazing warehouse in downtown L.A., and I had no idea what to expect! It was FREEZING once the sun started going down but I was stomping it out in those stilettos the best I could! The whole time I kept thinking, 'Dear God, I hope I don't fall down because this rooftop is SO uneven and sketchy... And if I eat it, I'm going to have to pay for this dress!' The dancers were SO talented, I have no idea how Carly got her leg up that high, but more power to her. I love that during the drop, they have this insanely beautiful dance party, that was all the director's idea. I think my favorite part of shooting was somewhere around nightfall when we all were huddling for warmth and losing our minds. Everybody just got really silly and bonded over trying to keep our limbs from going numb. It was great."

    With all of that in mind, enjoy the video.

    What did you think of this video?

    -Katie Sheehan

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