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  • Exclusive: Watch All Five Aranda Videos

    Thu, 15 Nov 2012 11:35:28

    Exclusive: Watch All Five Aranda Videos - They are signed to Wind Up

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    ARTISTdirect.com has partnered with rock band Aranda to premiere five track-by-track videos, where they detail the songs on Stop the World. Check back at this very spot every day to check out a new video, breaking down a pair of songs, through next Wednesday. So pull up a chair and get to know Aranda.

    The band, which turned to a college class to help market their album Stop the World, out now via Wind Up, discuss two songs per video. They talk about how each song came together, offering anecdotes about working with producer Johnny K and demonstrating some parts on acoustic guitar. Every song on the record is dissected, so you will get a taste and an insight into every song, at two songs per day.

    Twice is nice.

    Watch Part 1 below:

    Watch Part 2 below:

    Watch Part 3 below:

    Watch Part 4 below:

    Watch Part 5 below:

    Aranda's backstory:

    The Oklahoma City-based band, led by brothers Dameon (vocals/guitar) and Gabe (vocals/keyboards), built a small following on the strength of a self-titled album released in 2008. They garnered some radio airplay and a handful of national tour dates. Kelly Clarkson re-recorded two of their songs for her 2009 album, All I Ever Wanted.

    And while the latter earned the brothers a paycheck, that had been three years prior, and now they were struggling to get by, playing shows whenever and wherever they could. Earlier this year, they scraped together the funds to record an album, but didn't have the means to promote the finished product.

    "Marketing an album can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and we were barely able to cover our personal bills," says Dameon. "So we posted the album (titled Stop the World ) online and emailed friends and family about it, hoping they'd help spread the word. But that only went so far."

    "I read an article that claimed over 75,000 albums are released every year and I started losing sleep," laughs Gabe. "It's like that saying: 'If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?' How were we supposed to compete with artists and albums that were being properly marketed and distributed?"

    They found the answer at the University of Central Oklahoma, which has a program called The Academy of Contemporary Music. Gabe and Dameon cold-called Trey Rick, the school's coordinator of academic operations and teacher of its "Music Marketing and Retail," course and asked if he and his class would be interested in getting hands-on experience marketing a real-life band. Rick jumped at the opportunity, scrapped the planned case study curriculum and instructed the students to create marketing plans to promote Aranda. He picked the six best proposals and set up a meeting with the band.

    "It was exciting," recalls Rick. "Suddenly, the students became an artist development and promotional think tank for an actual rock band. Talk about an invaluable experience."

    They put a plan in motion that saw the class overseeing Aranda's social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, coordinating creation/management of the band's website and branded store, and organizing street teams to promote the band locally. They launched a contest enabling a winner to see the band perform in Houston and even created a lyric music video for one of Aranda's songs.

    "We wanted to build a dynamic infrastructure through which the band could clearly communicate and build relationships with both existing and new fans. The students also logged a lot of after-hours legwork as they gathered and analyzed data, measuring user engagement and online conversations. For offline measurement, they took to the streets to hand out information about the band," they said.

    This attracted Wind Up and the rest is history.

    Now watch the videos and get to know Aranda.

    —Maggie Pannacione

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