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  • Feature: 5 Reasons Logic's "Under Pressure" is the Best Debut of 2014

    Mon, 20 Oct 2014 06:36:55

    Feature: 5 Reasons Logic's "Under Pressure" is the Best Debut of 2014 - By ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino…

    Some albums posses the power to literally change a listener.

    The music resonates in such a way that it can uplift spirits, provoke thoughts, and alter outlooks. Logic's full-length debut Under Pressure [iTunes link] is one of those records. It's indisputably the best debut of 2014 and a landmark for hip-hop. The Maryland MC weaves the kind of narrative and story that timeless films are made of. The curtains are opened and now the world gets to watch his rise to legendary.

    Given the power of this album, ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief compiled this feature on 5 Reasons Logic's Under Pressure is the best debut of 2014.

    5 Reasons Logic's Under Pressure is the best debut of 2014

    5. Vision: Logic has a clear and distinct vision for the entire album. Each song not only tells a tale, but the entire album opens up a vignette into his world. The tracks are split up by a robotic voice offering everything from the locations where the album was cut to what influenced the music. It literally demands that you listen from start-to-finish. Every track deserves that attention, and by the time you reach the end, you'll hit replay.

    4. Resonances: This is literally a symphony of resonances. Logic pays homage to Quentin Tarantino and OutKast equally. More importantly though, he takes those inspirations and creates something new that's wholly his own. He nods to his influences with reverence, but he pays them the best compliment by crafting something personal and utterly groundbreaking. Every resonance gets a pay off.

    3. Honesty: Logic doesn't hold back. On "Gang Related", he spits lines about "selling crack to my own pops" over an ominous haunting beats, while "Soul Foo D" sees him admit, "Momma on drugs, daddy M.I.A." as he paints a visual of "food stamps" and "Section 8". At the same time, for as raw as songs such as "Under Pressure" can get, they're undeniably catchy. You won't be able to shake lines like, "All I'm going to give you motherfuckers is a dial tone". Then, there's the vivid "Metropolis" or heartbreaking "Nikki", which see him get raw and real as well. Everything's on the table in all of its brutal and beautiful glory.

    Watch the Video for "Under Pressure"

    2. Storytelling: The way he delivers lines like "raised up in a household full of killers and thugs" and "All the stress I'm under I wonder why I don't do drugs" instantly punch. It's that artful storytelling, which propels the record. It's peppered with small passages like where he's talking to a girl about movies and extolling the virtues of Tarantino as well as mentioning that "guy from Donnie Darko. Throughout this entire ride, you feel like you're in Logic's world. For music fans, that's a wonderful place to be.

    1. Power: Simply put, he's a beast behind the mic. He's as powerful as it gets. The way he utters "People live in your life for seasons" remains as ponderous as it is potent". You've been waiting for another classic. This is it. Welcome to Under Pressure.

    Listen to "Buried Alive"

    Rick Florino

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