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  • Feature: A Short Story Based on Palms' Debut Album

    Wed, 05 Jun 2013 09:57:12

    Feature: A Short Story Based on Palms' Debut Album - By ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino…

    So, the Palms album is downright inspiring. It's so inspiring that in lieu of a typical review ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino has written a short story based on the lyrics, music, and song titles.

    The record is out on June 25 via Ipecac Records. Make sure you get it. [iTunes link]

    In the meantime, slip away into this little tale…

    "Palms" Short Story — by Rick Florino

    "Future Warrior" lands from a distant planet on a dystopian, yet divine earth somewhere in the future but not too far ahead. It's not of any known galaxy in this star system or that we can see for that matter. It defies temporal categorization and exhibits extreme lust for blood and salvation. Hulking through the terrain with guns drawn, "Future Warrior" slowly kills with calculated unprejudiced. The words "I know there's something wrong with you" ring out. Death comes through a beautiful battery of the highest order. It's forged in metal, yet bleeds from a natural heart. That "Warrior" moves right into…

    "Patagonia" sits beneath a snowy mountain range where the sun beams off white, reflecting into nothingness. A slow star simmers above as the "Warrior" starts to lose steam. The brightness weaves around him like a snake "where the demons wait". His succubae embrace and then he falls under the spell of…

    "Mission Sunset" exudes a steamy energy like pistons firing in and out, opening up above the mountains and unlocking another dimension. The "Warrior" can't see as the smoke surrounds him. Getting to his feet, he trudges demanding, "Throw me your halo". It shines lucidly, but the halo isn't stuck to liquid or solid form. It floats and surrounds him, blacking everything out…

    He wakes up again in a room. It's pristine, but nothing's vivid. Snapshots line the floor under his metal feet. A crucifix overlooks the room parallel pointing down right at a "Shortwave Radio". Fuzzy transitions reverberate like guitars. He assures to himself, "I don't know what to say, but I'll never leave your side". Memories flood him. There are moments of ecstasy as demons and aliens blow apart in front of those guns attached to his arms. There are moments of loss as he watches a female form step away. There are moments of regret as everything spirals out and he's shot outward to…

    The Tropics are lined with graves. The tombstones read "Future Warrior" on every single one. Palm trees sway and he sees that same shadowy female begin to come into focus in front of him. She walks and extends her hand. She grabs his mechanical wrist and…

    Their Antarctic Handshake causes ice to encase his arm. She freezes her arm to his. The ground splits and they're fired off into the sky as ice rises from the ground everywhere. Volcanos in the sky turn to stars and the streams of ether form a final last look at…

    Rick Florino

    What's your favorite song from either Deftones, Palms, Team Sleep, Isis, or Crosses?

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