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    Fri, 10 Apr 2009 11:25:48

    Feature: Hannah Montana - Sprightly Miley Cyrus talks about fame and the future of Hannah Montana

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    "I say do it. Be a freak!" That's the unexpected advice Miley Cyrus jokingly says she would give kids who are thinking of coming to Hollywood to try getting into show business.

    Friendly, funny, and one heck of a fast talker, the 16-year-old star of the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana—and the new Hannah Montana: The Movie—has a sense of humor about herself that can be charmingly goofy. At a Los Angeles press conference, even questions as lame as "why are you the famous celebrity you are" get entertaining answers from the actress and best-selling pop star.

    "Because I rock!" she exclaims, followed by a deadpan "just kidding." Later, when co-star Jason Earles describes her as the kind of girl who doesn't have a filter and always says what she means, Cyrus jokes, "If you understand me, it's very cute. It's very adorable. My parents love it. And my publicist really likes it."

    Proving how candid she can be, Cyrus says she doubts there will be another Hannah Montana movie. "You know, this is a TV show, and we got really lucky with having the material to make one movie," she says. Although the film's storyline reveals Hannah's secret identity, it does so in a way that does not rule out further seasons of the TV series. "We're continuing to do season three, and then we all wish to do a season four," Cyrus says. "So I don't know if I would do another film, but I would love to do another season."

    Like her character in the movie, a singing superstar who reconnects with her normal-girl roots when she returns from California to her Tennessee hometown, Cyrus enjoyed the time she spent filming in the state where she was born. "That was the longest I was in Tennessee since I left, and it was awesome," she says. "I really hope I can move back there at some point, because that's what I want. I just want a nice house there where I can really escape."

    In fact, Cyrus says the biggest misconception about her is that "I'm overworking and overexposed, and that what I want is all the attention. That's not. What I love is the art of it all. And that's why I always say I want to go off and do other things at some point when the time is right."

    After playing a wholesomely Disneyfied version of herself for so long, Cyrus says it's natural that she would want to play different types of roles. She will get the chance this summer, when she starts work on The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook, Nights in Rodanthe).

    "He actually wrote the movie before he wrote the book, and he wrote it with me in mind," Cyrus says. "I've always been lucky to play parts that relate to me, and this doesn't at all. I have my issues, but not as bad as this chick! So I'm happy to play someone that's just kind of out there and not someone I'm like—so [people] can actually see if I'm a good actress, or if I'm just good at playing myself."

    Her Hannah Montana costar Emily Osment, who plays Hannah's BFF Lilly, also wants to flex her acting muscles, but in a way viewers might not expect. "I want to be slaughtered or something," she says. "I just want to do like a horror movie. I think it would be cool."

    "I want to stay alive in pretty much 90 percent of my movies," Cyrus says. "Slaughtering isn't exactly what I'm going for. But I'll play edgy, for sure."

    —James Dawson

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