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    Wed, 25 Nov 2009 10:15:47

    Feature: <I>Ninja Assassin</I> — Music to Slice and Dice to - In honor of <I>Ninja Assassin</I> and Thanksgiving, ARTISTdirect.com editor and <I>Dolor</I> author Rick Florino compiles the perfect list of songs to chop up your enemies (or a turkey)

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    Ninja Assassin is the most choptastic movie of the year.

    From the awesomely gory action scenes to the insanely kinetic acrobatics, James McTeigue's action epic possesses a distinct rhythm. That rhythm drives everything from Rain's quick and bloody snipes to the full-on combat sequences. Given the movie's musical undercurrent, ARTISTdirect.com editor and Dolor author Rick Florino has compiled a list of albums that would serve as the film's perfect soundtrack.

    See Ninja Assassin before Thanksgiving since you'll undoubtedly pick up some crazy carving tricks for the turkey and you'll impress everyone in your family. Just be careful not to slice Grandma's head off with the sword…

    Check out Rick Florino's list of Ninja music below and don't miss Ninja Assasin in theaters now. It's sharper than a katana and faster than a throwing star!

    The Perfect Music to Slice and Dice to

    10. SlayerWorld Painted Blood

    Slayer's latest album is locked and loaded with some of their fastest and fiercest riffs. "World Painted Blood" and "Snuff" would be the ideal backing track for Rain while he's decapitating his enemies during Ninja Assassin's most chaotic bloodbaths. World Painted Blood is a symphony of destruction for sure, and its most evil moments would put a smile on any ninja's blood-spattered face.

    9. Linkin Park & Jay-ZCollision Course

    Linkin Park and Jay-Z volley rhymes and riffs with undeniable swagger. The album's bouncy and bombastic production is essential for any showdown in the dojo. Being a mash-up record, each movement is frenetic, packed with enough energy to keep ninjas swinging their swords.

    8. KornLife Is Peachy

    At the heart of this Korn masterpiece, there's a zen-like calm—especially on family friendly jams like "Kill You." Of course, it all explodes into a cacophony of seven-string chaos and Jonathan Davis's cathartic crooning. After waiting, Davis goes in for the kill at the right moment like any good ninja.

    7. Gravediggaz6 Feet Deep

    RZA goes straight for the jugular on Gravediggaz' debut. The production is sparse, cackling with the most evil tones to ever come out of Shaolin. Plus, there's a few moments that'd be great for hacking muthafuckas up. A must-have for any Ninja.

    6. Velvet RevolverContraband

    Scott Weiland's voice resonates with a dark edge on Velvet Revolver's debut. That edge is sharpened by Slash's incendiary fretwork. This is the kind of rock n' roll record that could play over a car chase or a sword melee—especially "Slither" and "Do It for the Kids." Did I mention Scott Weiland's the greatest frontman ever? Well he is!

    5. Hollywood UndeadSwan Songs

    Over hypnotic industrial grooves, Hollywood Undead fire off vibrant and vicious rhymes that can be funny or fierce—sometimes at the same time. However, each line is real. Hollywood Undead's explosive, industrial death hop could ignite some serious action. "Sell Your Soul" is a fine example. Be sure to find the unreleased "Dead in Ditches" though—that's the most fitting for Ninja combat.

    4. SlipknotSlipknot

    From the claustrophobic musical murder in "Purity" and "Prosthetics" to the rapid fire bludgeoning of "(sic)" and "Surfacing," Slipknot's classic debut could ring out during pretty much any sequence of Ninja Assassin, from the slow death scenes to the blood-drenched apotheosis.

    3. MetallicaMaster of Puppets

    "Master of Puppets" and "Orion" can play on repeat over ANY battle sequence—ANY battle sequence.

    2. FergieThe Dutchess

    Fergie's voice sparks something inside of this writer and makes him want to attack his enemies with no mercy…Listen to "Glamorous" at your own risk, you may end up starting a small war…

    1. Wu-Tang ClanEnter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers

    Wu-Tang Clan's debut may very well be the greatest hip hop album ever recorded. With classic samurai flick samples, violent production and vicious rhymes, it should be on every ninja's iPod.

    Rick Florino

    Check out Rick Florino's new novel Dolor available now for FREE here

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