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  • Feature: Where Trailer Music Comes From – A Conversation With PostHaste Music

    Tue, 26 Aug 2014 12:07:21

    Feature: Where Trailer Music Comes From – A Conversation With PostHaste Music - Read our conversation with PostHaste Music below!

    Did you ever wonder where the music on your favorite movie trailer came from? I think we all have at some point or another. The world of trailer music is extremely intriguing. It's criminally unsung, so we decided to investigate the heroes behind trailer tunes…

    The trailer for The Croods boasts a powerful orchestral piece at the end, which isn't part of the film's original score. Doing a little online research, that piece actually was created by a Los Angeles-based company called PostHaste Music. PostHaste stands out as the premier entity for trailer music, music for ads and videos of all kinds. The firm maintains a close connection with its expansive clientele and continually delivers from its robust catalog. In addition, the company just added James Patrick to the fold as Marketing Director. He brings thirteen years of studio experience (New Line Cinema and 20th Century Fox Music, respectively) to the gig and a unique savvy of his own.

    In this feature with PostHaste Music's Vice President Juan Ponciano, we learn all about where trailer music comes from and the inner-workings of this fascinating world.

    The Croods Trailer

    What exactly does PostHaste Music do?

    PostHaste Music specializes in writing custom cues for a variety of musical needs, primarily music for trailers, advertisers and promotional spots for television. Since you were curious about film trailers, I’ll get into that first. You see, more times than not, the film score has yet to be completed in time for early promotion of the film. Also, there’s a big difference between cues written to help tell a story and cues that inspire people to see a movie. We focus on the latter. As anyone who’s ever seen a trailer can tell you, it’s a vast amount of information coming at you within a few minutes. By the end of that trailer, a person knows if they want to see a movie or not. It’s important for trailer cues to have a fluidity that touches on the emotions the studios are trying to convey. If you use the wrong music, you risk losing your audience. Our goal is to assist Producers, Music Supervisors, Editors or anyone looking for music for their project in any way we can to help them find the right cues. In a network TV promo spot there’s even less time to inform viewers so those music cues have to be even more direct. Those promo creative execs are really talented to say the least! In addition to trailers, we also cater to advertisers. Carl’s Jr. used one of our music cues for a commercial that was made to look like the 60’s classic, The Graduate. Again, it all comes back to cultivating an interest. If that’s getting people into movie seats, watching their favorite shows or selling a burger, we’re here to help. And if they need something on the fly, we always have music available in a moments notice.

    Check out the Theatrical Reel

    Do they usually know what kind of music they want?

    Day-to-day, someone will call, email, or instant message me. Editors will temporarily insert music they like into the project. They’ll say something like, "We're going in this direction with this type of music.” “Send me your best cue options that convey the same idea". A cue is a song without lyrics. A lot of companies will find it themselves through the help of their in house Music Supervisor. They’re great at what they do and we’re always here to help. Usually, they come to us when they're hung up or they're on a time crunch and they need to find something quickly. We obviously know our music very well, so we point them in the right direction. We tend to know what the studios and advertisers like and why they've chosen certain cues for particular projects. We put the best music out we can for each request!

    What separates PostHaste Music from other similar companies?

    Everybody needs music. And there’s a lot of it out there. But what makes us different is, "We are small but mighty". That’s something we like to say around here. It's about quality over quantity. We have a great web site where you can go and search for tracks through a “google” type search bar. All of our tracks have careful metatagging so you can find the right cue. Most importantly, we’re very close with our clients. It’s not just business. The relationships we’ve built through the years are very important to us and if I know we don’t have what they need immediately, I’ll let them know. Time is money may be a cliché, but it’s true. We’re not here to waste your time. We’re here to help. This is the reason why clients come back to us again and again. It’s something we’re very proud of around here at PostHaste Music

    How do you see the company evolving?

    We're excited about some new composers we've hired and the new music they’re producing for us. When it comes to music, we like to be a bit different. I like to say, "We're writing the pop structure of orchestral music". It's simple with major chords but complicated enough in its structure and arrangement that it makes sense. There aren't too many complicated rhythms or melodies. We’re passionate about the music we create here at PostHaste. That's where it starts. Be it for commercials, television promos or trailers. Speaking of trailers, we’ll be releasing a commercial album of various trailer cues for digital download. It’s one thing to produce music with a specific need in mind but to do so now knowing that there is a solid fan base out there searching for great trailers cues, really says something. This album is our response to those fans and really our appreciation to them for taking this genre in a new direction.

    Rick Florino

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