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    Thu, 30 Jun 2011 09:32:56


    Stone Temple Pilots Photos

    • Stone Temple Pilots - Captured by Corey Soria of Bloodline Media
    • Stone Temple Pilots - Captured by Corey Soria of Bloodline Media
    • Stone Temple Pilots - Captured by Corey Soria of Bloodline Media

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    Stone Temple Pilots Videos

    • Stone Temple Pilots w/ Chester Bennington - Black Heart
    • Stone Temple Pilots w/ Chester Bennington - Out of Time

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    Fireball Tim's got great taste in rock 'n' roll. In fact, his tastes span everything from Alter Bridge and Stone Temple Pilots to Boston and Earth, Wind & Fire. The Hollywood movie car designer and TV host of "Fireball Tim's Hollywood Garage", decided to give ARTISTdirect.com a peek at his iPod playlist.

    It's perfect to listen to these tunes while checking out The Hollywood Garage, a beacon for car nuts online. It showcases numerous interactive "garages" in one space. Auto-enthusiasts can check out a variety of vehicle platforms and some surprises here!

    In the meantime, see what he's spinning below!

    1. PUDDLE OF MUDD (ALL) Especially "She Fuckin' Hates Me" - Started listening to these guys when things were bad. Their color lifted my spirits and gave me the jolt I needed to rock the world. I've habitualized a good vibe from these guys, so when things look tough, I pop this in and then fight back. Don't mess with the Mudd.

    2. NEW POLITICS "Dignity" - Heard this in a store in New York City. I practically killed a customer to find out who they were. Reminds me of the passion I feel when I release concepts that bother me. I "let go" into the ether all the crap that doesn't belong. Then... I get busy doin' cool stuff.

    3. LZ "Ramble On" - What can I say about a song that has shifted the minds of millions? I'm a million and one. Simple, clean and effective. Ethereal in nature, Ramble's purity gets me focused like a laser pointed magnifying glass.

    4. ALTER BRIDGE / Albums Black Bird and One Day Remains Especially "Rise Today" & "Find the Real" - The one song that makes me feel like I have a purpose. And that we all do. A timeless reverb of impact and knife-edged grace…

    5. BOSTON "Peace of Mind" - First song I learned on guitar. Bitchin.' My teacher had the deepest southern accent I ever heard. Couldn't understand anything he said, but the color in his chords rang of peace. And he ate soup during every class. All I could think about was how he could play and eat at the same time. It smelled like heaven, but I didn't have the guts at 12 to ask what it was. Bummer.

    6. EARTH, WIND AND FIRE "Let Your Feelings Show" - 70's platform coolness. I'll rock this in a 20 foot long 1975 Mercury Marquis Convertible heading up PCH. You should see people's faces. It makes them smile millionaires...

    7. BILLY IDOL "Eyes without a Face" – Simple. High School images of ditching and heading to Magic Mountain with my friend Mike to ride the Revolution 20 times in a row. Back in the day when you could sneak Gin inside. THOSE days are gone, man.

    8. DAYS OF THE NEW/ Travis Meeks "Flight Response" - One of the best guitarists ever... with a foul mouth. Images of a group of cowboys running after they just jacked a train. The feeling must've been outrageous... until they got caught and hung. Sucks, dood.

    9. MICHAEL HEDGES "Aerial Boundaries" - No one on this planet can do to a guitar what Hedges can. God-given ring-thwacking soundy goodness. If God had a guitar... he'd be taking lessons from Hedges.

    10. SAMMY DAVIS JR. "Chicago" - C'mon, it's Sammy Davis Jr for cryin' out loud.

    11. WAR "Low Rider" - Gone in 600 Seconds... smooth, low and everyone's on board.

    12. STONE TEMPLE PILOTS "Where the River Goes" - Drum Anticipation leads to two opening saloon doors to reveal the baddest dudes the West has ever seen. And they, are scared to see you.

    13. SEAL "Human Being" - Not many songs bring me to visions of post apocalyptic worlds. Seal's "Planet of the Apes" emotion evokes a timeless sense of who we are and how small our world is. An instant POV change to being one-with-all. You want perspective on your life, Seal brings it.

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