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  • First Reaction: Buckcherry - "FUCK" EP

    Mon, 21 Jul 2014 09:19:57

    First Reaction: Buckcherry  - "FUCK" EP - By ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino...

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    • Buckcherry - EPICENTER 2011 BUCKCHERRY
    • Buckcherry - EPICENTER 2011 BUCKCHERRY

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    Sometimes, there's just no better feeling than letting out a good, "Fuck".

    Just ask Buckcherry. It felt so good that they cut an entire EP paying homage to everybody's favorite four-letter word. And, guess what? It's their ballsiest, biggest, and best work to date. The Fuck EP captures the piss-n-vinegar of their punkiest moments from the past, but it's also got the bombastic arena-size prowess of their most massive hits a la "Lit Up" and "Crazy Bitch". For the first single, they transform Icona Pop's "I Love It" into "Say Fuck It". Amping up the dance floor hit with Keith Nelson and Stevie D.'s impeccable six-string fireworks, it turns into a raucous and rowdy anthem. Xavier Muriel holds down a powerful beat as Kelly Lemieux rocks out a throbbing bass line. Frontman Josh Todd delivers the hook with a rough energy the rock world hasn't properly heard since G N' R Lies. It's that badass...

    Meanwhile, "Somebody Fucked With Me" kickstarts a wild riff that's immediately as infectious as the refrain as Todd screams, "Fuck 'em all" with pure punk rock vitriol. It's another one-two punch of Nelson's flawless ripping and Todd's vocal vibrancy. That core of Buckcherry elevates them to timeless rock status yet again. You hear it especially on the surprisingly funky "I Don't Give a Fuck", which tempers a seventies swagger with Aerosmith-style grit.

    Simultaneously, "It's A Fucking Disaster" showcases one of Todd's most passionate and poetic vocal performances to date, lifting off a chorus that could rival that of "Sorry". Everything spirals into a fiery crescendo on the appropriately titled "Fist Fuck" which punches right through the competition.

    Rock 'n' roll doesn't get more dangerous and dynamic than this in the 21st century. "Fuck" with Buckcherry and you might just end up having the time of your life.

    Rick Florino

    Will you be getting Fuck on August 19?

    Pre-order it here!

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    Tags: Buckcherry, Icona Pop, Xavier Muriel, Kelly Lemieux, Josh Todd, Aerosmith

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