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  • First Reaction: Hellyeah – "Blood For Blood"

    Mon, 24 Mar 2014 14:39:31

    First Reaction: Hellyeah – "Blood For Blood" - By ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino...

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    Hellyeah cut deep on Blood For Blood.

    The quartet's fourth full-length offering is a crimson-soaked affair that bludgeons upon arrival. That's our first reaction to the latest from Chad Gray, Vinnie Paul, Tom Maxwell, and now Mr. Kyle Sanders [Bloodsimple]. As a foursome with production by Kevin Churko, Hellyeah feels even more ferocious and focused than before.

    Title track "Sangre por Sangre (Blood for Blood)" melds a seesawing bass line from Sanders to Paul's signature stomp before snapping into a bitchslap of a riff. Everything culminates upon Gray's snaky hook that immediately snatches attention and stays etched in your psyche.

    Meanwhile, "Demons in the Dirt" revels in raw headbanging bliss, bleeding "metal" until the thrashed-up beat-down of "Soul Killer". Each element forges into one undeniable, unstoppable, and unique force of nature. The bloodletting doesn't stop even when they reel back the sonic violence. "Moth" allows Gray's inimitable voice to take center stage with a haunting verse juxtaposed with a hypnotic refrain and airy clean guitar. At the same time, "Hush" takes eerie acoustics and speeds them up like tumbleweed down a highway as Gray offers ruminations like, "Death won't go away" before another lyrical catharsis—"This hell is where I'm from, and this hell is where I'll stay".

    It gets hotter than ever on what might be the band's most powerful track yet, "Black December". Paul's pounding becomes rapturous as it resounds alongside the guitar delay and Gray's melody. Ultimately, Hellyeah lock and load their their most crushing and catchy salvo yet with Blood for Blood. Its unmitigated, unbridled, and unique energy makes for one of the best heavy records of 2014 and the band's definitive offering to date. It will leave you bloody and smiling.

    Rick Florino

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