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  • First Reaction: Lindemann 'Skills In Pills'

    Tue, 16 Jun 2015 14:29:19

    First Reaction: Lindemann 'Skills In Pills' -

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    Ourr gut response to the brilliant collaboration between the Rammstein frontman and Pain and Hypocrisy architect...

    Lindemann Skills in Pills

    Sometimes, the most grotesque things can be the most beautiful—that's certainly the case with Lindemann's Skills In Pills [Warner Bros. Records]. The blessed union of Rammstein singer Till Lindemann and Pain and Hypocrisy visionary Peter Tägtgren yields an undeniable, unbridled, and unique ten songs that make the repulsive strangely soothing. It's an artful balance. Think of it like the soundtrack to The Bad Lieutenant if Fellini directed another interpretation. It's bright and bombastic at just the right moments and, often, utterly hilarious. Throughout, it's both catchy and charismatic, showcasing different facets of both respective luminaries. Most importantly though, it's as if every track unlocks another surprise. Just when you think you've got Skills In Pills pegged, it veers in another direction altogether, making for one wild listening experience.

    One of the most striking things is Lindemann's delivery. You instantly recognize that rapturous voice, but he's singing in English. If you're from the U.S., it's most likely one of the first times you've really gotten to hear what he's saying, and it's quite wondrous. The title track showcases the yin and yang of the two collaborators, converging on a driving and massive refrain that's totally stadium-worthy. At the same time, "Ladyboy" gets nasty, but it doesn't lose its sense of art. The instrumentation volleys from an industrial stomp to a metallic gash, always creating a space in between for a majestic melody. That's what might be the most surprising aspect. You can sing along to all of these. You may not want to in public, but you can.

    At the same time, they get emotional and evocative on the likes of "Yukon," which reflects the icy wonderland from which it takes its name. It's intimately beautiful, and the lyrics convey a sense of longing bolstered by Lindemann. Then, everything wraps up on the first single "Praise Abort," which fittingly begins, "I like to f***," bringing everything full circle.

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