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    Thu, 09 Aug 2007 13:38:53

    Five Questions: Project Jenny, Project Jan - The eclectic music duo discusses inspiration, puppets, and dancing in your underwear

    Brooklyn's Project Jenny, Project Jan have recently been copping much buzz for their densely layered and highly danceable electro/disco/hip-hop jams. Comprised of Jeremy Haines (vocals) and Sammy Rubin (tumultuous rhythms), PJPJ create a kitchen-sink sound that draws inspiration from an insane array of genres. They're so adept at it, though, that you won't even mind when they switch from techno to salsa in the blink of an eye.

    ARTISTdirect recently shot a few questions in the direction of Jeremy Haines, who revealed some influences behind PJPJ's unique mash-up sound and his interest in collaborating with a puppet band.

    1. Name a musician who has influenced your sound but that people may not expect.

    I have been very influenced by Mike Patton of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle fame. I like his work in Mr. Bungle a lot, where he is more playful with his voice. He's got an incredible range and he is very inventive with the sounds that he makes, and a great performer on top of all of that.

    2. Who or what inspires you to make music?

    Inspiration to make music comes from being awake, and sometimes I don't even need that. Uncle Rubin and I were in the car the other day and he asked me to stop singing along to a song I really like. I made a real effort to stop, but in the end, I had to belt it out. Music is such an integral part of my life that music itself is all the inspiration I need.

    3. Was there a driving concept behind your new album?

    We didn't have a driving concept for the new album. We wanted to make something that was cohesive as a whole, but there is no one theme. Although, we like to think that the album has a natural flow that brings the listener to a strange and magical place where its okay to dance around the room in your underwear.

    4. What's the most exciting part of the actual music-making process for you?

    For me it is going into the studio and putting down the vocal tracks. We work pretty fast, and when I'm in the booth, usually we get new ideas for background vocals and other weird noises. So, I'll go in and start singing one thing, and by the end, I'm singing a bunch of Shimmys and bops. It's real organic and electric at the same time.

    5. If you could pick a dream band to open for, past or present, who would it be?

    Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem [a Muppet rock band] would be good. Not only do they rock, but they're also puppets so that would work out well with our overall aesthetic. But it would be fun to play with Run DMC as well, so can we maybe book a couple of bands? That would be fantastic!

    Listen: Project Jenny, Project Jan's "320"

    —Jay Watford

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