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  • Five Things Considered When Making a Workshop By CreativeLive Executive Producer Finn McKenty

    Wed, 21 May 2014 18:09:15

    Five Things Considered When Making a Workshop By CreativeLive Executive Producer Finn McKenty - Find out!

    Here are five things that Executive Producer Finn McKenty takes into consideration when crafting CreativeLive Workshops. These exercises really teach aspiring artists a lot, and there is one upcoming with producer Steve Evetts, whose fingerprints are all over some of the best records of the late '90s.

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    Five Considerations:

    Is it useful?

    This might seem obvious, but think about it: How many times have you sat in a class and asked yourself, 'Why the f--- are they teaching me THIS?! I'll never use this.' So we always ask ourselves that same question, and answer it honestly. I want every single second of our classes to be useful information that will make your music better.

    Is it creative?

    We don't want to get up there and just re-tell the manual, or walk through a laundry list of every feature and how to use it. That stuff is fine, but it's already out there. We always want to challenge ourselves to be more creative and come up with a more focused concept for the class. For example, Eyal Levi's 'Digital Drums With EZdrummer' class isn't just a tutorial on EZdrummer; it's about how to write and record realistic drum parts (and EZdrummer just happens to be the best way for DIY musicians to do that).

    Is it authentic?

    This is a big one, because it's what separates us from the pack. 'Authenticity' touches on just about every part of a workshop, but there are two especially critical dimensions. First of all, it has to be REAL WORLD techniques that are actually used to make the music that our audience loves. Second, the teacher, sponsors, and everyone else involved have to be real, endemic members of the community.

    Is there anything way we could do it better?

    Our goal is to be the No. 1 place for DIY musicians to learn their craft. So with every single class, we ask ourselves, 'What is the absolute best way we could possibly teach this?' Which is almost never the EASIEST way to do it, but 'easy' and 'great' rarely go hand in hand. We learn from every class, and I'd like to think that we get a little better every time!

    What I *don't* consider

    I don't really pay a lot of attention to what our competitors are doing. I don't care what it says in the textbook, or what the self-appointed experts on forums think. And like I said before, I also don't care if it's easy for us to figure out the logistics. Yes, sometimes that means some late nights and stressful days, but it's worth it when I hear how much we've helped people.

    "The next workshop is set for May 27 and 28 with Steve Evetts. - Learn how to get perfect guitar tones in the studio during this 10-hour class on tracking guitars. In this course, Steve Evetts (Saves The Day, Suicide Silence) and special guest Ben Weinman (Dillinger Escape Plan) dive deep on everything you need to know about creating and capturing perfect guitar tones.

    Getting great guitar tones is all about the details. Steve and Ben cover how to select the right guitar, strings and picks, how to choose the right head and cabinet combo, and how to get a great tone. From there, they go through the process of selecting and placing mics. Finally, they show you how to track guitars the professional way (no cutting corners— ever!) and edit the tracks so you’ve got everything you need for a flawless mix."

    About Steve Evetts: Steve Evetts is a producer, engineer and mixer who has worked with some of the most defining bands in this generation of punk, hardcore, metal, and alternative. His credits include Dillinger Escape Plan, Suicide Silence, Lifetime, Saves The Day, Hatebreed, Sepultura, The Cure, Every Time I Die, Alesana, and The Wonder Years.

    Will you sign up? RSVP for the Free CreativeLive Stream with Steve Evetts at CreativeLive.com.

    —Maggie Pannacione

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