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  • Forever the Sickest Kids to Release "J.A.C.K." on June 25

    Thu, 02 May 2013 16:02:21

    Forever the Sickest Kids to Release "J.A.C.K." on June 25 - Hear a new track
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    You don't know J.A.C.K.…but you will on June 25. That's when Forever the Sickest Kids will release J.A.C.K..

    Track Listing:

    1. Chin Up Kid
    2. Keep Calm and Don't Let Me Go
    3. Nice To Meet You
    4. Nikki
    5. Ritalin (Born in America)
    6. Kick It!
    7. Playing With Fire
    8. Count On Me (For Nothing)
    9. La La Lainey
    10. My Friends Save Me
    11. Cross My Heart

 Listen to the preview of "Chin Up Kid" below:

    Now that you've enjoyed a little taste, let's learn some more. The album title J.A.C.K. represents each band member's first initials (Jonathan Cook, Austin Bello, Caleb Turman and Kyle Burns). The album title additionally reflects the band's ability to pull together as a unit and to turn challenges into positive experiences to fuel their music.

    "We wanted to make a more rock record than ever before, but still have those pop elements that make us Forever The Sickest Kids," notes singer Jonathan Cook. "We sat down and mapped out a plan for the album, which we'd never done before. We had to figure out how we were going write these songs as the four of us. It's interesting how tight us four are now. Not just musically but also emotionally and spiritually. We're one unit. Four strong songwriters still remain in the band and I think that shows in the music."

    Are you going to hang out with J.A.C.K. on June 25?

    —Maggie Pannacione

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