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    Thu, 14 Dec 2017 12:14:49

    Free Download: A Message From Earth -

    In 1977, when NASA's twin spacecraft Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 were launched to explore the far reaches of our solar system, each spacecraft held a gold-plated copper phonograph record containing music, language, sounds of Earth, and 120 encoded images. This content was curated by a team led by noted astronomer and educator Carl Sagan, aiming to provide a vision of Earth for any extraterrestrial intelligence the probes might encounter: our sounds, science, images, grandest thoughts, greatest achievements, and deepest feelings.

    The records include greetings in 55 human languages, music from the likes of Chuck Berry, Bach, and indigenous peoples around the world, scenes of civilization and wilderness, laughter, birdsong, and the recorded brainwaves of a young woman in love. These Golden Records were placed aboard two space probes and blasted into space, intended to go further than any man-made objects had ever gone before.

    Forty years on, the twin Voyagers are now both more than 10 million miles from earth, still communicating back to base (with a 16-19 hour delay), and they and their Golden Records will essentially drift forever among the stars.

    Inspired by that original Golden Record project and released to celebrate its 40th anniversary, file-sharing platform WeTransfer has sponsored the creation of an online exhibition based around specially-commissioned music, film, art and literature. The musical contributions are intended to cover as many of the genres on the planet as possible and are led by US composer Daniel Lopatin (better known as Oneohtrix Point Never) and the UK's Gilles Peterson, alongside sounds and samples from S U R V I V E, the US-based group made famous by their work on the Stranger Things score and soundtrack.

    Chapters of A Message from Earth: A Collage of the Contemporary Human Condition, include:

    Preface: A comic of illustrations by Sophy Hollington telling the story and brief history of the original Golden Record.
    1. Greetings: Wanda Díaz Merced, a blind astronomer who uses sonification to study interstellar events, presents a study of stars as heard on earth - with a selection of images curated by NASA's Rebecca Roth.
    2. Music: In video conversations between BBC Radio's Gilles Peterson and leading international musicians living in London, Peterson explores the global influences of contemporary sound. Each musician discusses how their music is influenced by their world locally and globally, paired with one-hour musical mixes from leading DJs from their home country. Musicians include Christian Scott, Nubya Garcia, DJ Edu, Jordan Rakei, Maft Sai, DJ Lefto, DJ Soul Sista, and Dengue Dengue Dengue, DJ Juls, Nai Palm, Fatima Al Qadiri, and Luzmira (of Family Atlantica) Zerpa.
    3. Sounds: An interactive, custom-designed sound collage generator allows visitors to contribute their own unique sound to the project, using and manipulating sounds produced by S U R V I V E.
    4. Images: Photo essays from international photographers Chiara Goia, Albert Bonsfills, Luisa Dörr, Sasha Arutyunov, and Kent Andreasen focus on stories of hope, determination, and goodwill in the respective cities they call home.
    5. Brainwaves: A series of 500-word pieces from artists, writers, and musicians explore the phrase "and somehow, somewhere, the record arrives...". Contributors include Aspen Matis, Charlie Skelton, Deepak Chopra, Hannah Giorgis, John Saward, Lawrence Krauss, Musa Okwonga, Nelly Ben Hayoun, The Range, Sara-Kate Astrove, Shelly Oria and Vera Chok.
    Epilogue: An animated video collaboration produced in response to the question "do we matter?", with a musical score from Oneohtrix Point Never and Voyager short film by WeTransfer Studios.

    This exhibition hopes to raise awareness and funding (via sponsorship and donations) to aid in the creation of more global future projects like the Golden Record.

    Access the exhibition at https://amessagefrom.earth and listen to more than 6 hours of free music, alongside artist interviews and so much more...

    —The ARTISTdirect Staff

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