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  • Free Music Download - From Survive, The Band Behind "Stranger Things" Soundtrack

    Thu, 12 Jan 2017 09:10:34

    Free Music Download - From Survive, The Band Behind "Stranger Things" Soundtrack  -

    The free music download that we're talking about this week comes from Survive, the Austin-based electronic outfit who you may have first heard in 2016 — like many people — when their music was used in the cult Netflix show, Stranger Things.

    Now the band are stepping beyond the shadow cast by the sudden leap into widespread notoriety, proving that their tunes are not easily dismissed by the one-dimensional appraisal; "the band that did that tune for that show". Survive are now showing that they offer multi-dimensions, much like the show whose influence they helped to create.

    The band have recently been announcing their appearance at a number of impressive festivals this year, including Coachella on the west coast and Panorama Festival over on the east coast. After taking care of their domestic policy, Survive will head to Europe for a summer tour that will take in some notable festivals — London's Field Day and Barcelona's Primavera.

    The free download that the band offers, over on their official webpage, comes in the form of a bundle, released in collaboration with BitTorrent, and it contains, not only music but a video track from their new full length studio album, RR7349, a track from their 2012 album, HD009, and from 2011, a previously unreleased live set. It's a smart move, from a band who can capitalize on the sudden interest gained via a soundtracked song…a taster, risk free, offered to a broader audience who are able to dig deep into cuts that they would perhaps otherwise have missed, or moved around.

    The rewards are plenty with this download. If you're one to go cold at the phrase "experimental electronica" this is a collection of tracks that is most likely to win you over. Yes — this is unusual stuff; at times it's eerie — conjuring claustrophobic atmospheres or spaces too wide to find comfort — the kind of stuff that would be placed well in a David Lynch nightmare scene. However, there is more to this than just a dismantling of how we listen. There are rhythms at work, and they work incredibly well — so well that abstract passage of discord suddenly become danceable, and icy distances suddenly warm and make sense.

    The live set piece comes with incredible atmosphere, and shows how synths can work with incredible effect when submerged in a crowd of revellers sharing riddles and advice on avoiding the consumption of yellow snow. Yes, there's levity here.

    In short — this free download from Survive arrives like a spark beneath a second wave of combustible fluids. First — they arrived in your mind with Stranger Things, but here they point toward the live shows, and the bigger mission that you should join. It sounds like a very good idea.

    Hurry! Visit the official Survive homepage to download the free music

    —The ARTISTdirect Staff

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