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    Wed, 23 Mar 2011 09:58:33

    If Simon Cowell Took "Limitless" Pill NZT, He Would Wish For "X Factor" To... - ...be unpredictable! [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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    This weekend's box office topper Relativity Media's Limitless features the charming, impossibly good-looking Bradley Cooper as a writer who takes a pill called NZT and as a result, his mind expands, his intellect improves, his talent re-emerges, his energy is enhanced and his possibilities are, well, limitless. When ARTISTdirect.com News Editor Amy Sciarretto chatted with Simon Cowell - yes, that Simon Cowell, formerly of American Idol (TV Series), who is extremely affable—about his newly launching talent competition series X Factor, we had to pose this question. If he could take NZT and achieve one result with X Factor because of it, what would he wish for? "I would say unpredictability," Cowell said. "I never know if whomever is auditioning in one moment could be the 'one.' You never know if a star just walked in and you found someone special. That's what I wish for every one of these shows that I am involved in."

    Well, the unpredictability that Cowell longs for will soon be achieved, as X Factor auditions are scheduled to begin Sunday, March 27th in Los Angeles at the L.A. Sports Arena. The search for the next global superstar will continue in Miami, FL, on Thursday, April 7th; in Newark, NJ, on Thursday, April 14th; in Seattle, WA, on Wednesday, April 20th; Chicago, IL, on Wednesday, April 27th; and Dallas, TX, on Thursday, May 26th. If you think you've got that it takes and if you believe you could very well be the one, well, get your ass out to an audition. You have nothing to lose. Help Simon Cowell populate his show, which launches in the Fall, with the best talent out there. That could be you, dear reader. Oh, and go see Limitless, if you haven't already!

    As for X Factor, here are the crucial details. The show is searching for undiscovered talent 12-years-old or over – both solo artists and vocal groups – who are willing to brave the panel for a chance to win a $5 million recording contract with Syco/Sony Music. It's not like Idol where it's just your voice!

    Interested solo artists and vocal groups should sign up now for audition information at here or call toll-free 855-345-5678. It's that damn easy. Now get off your ass and go impress Simon Cowell.

    I would love to Idol castoffs audition for X Factor! Jacee Badeaux, are you listening? Maybe some of the X Factor contestants should pop some NZT a la Cooper in Limitless

    Are you going to audition for X Factor? Have you seen Limitless?

    —Amy Sciarretto

    Check out our Limitless playlist here!

    For more with Simon Cowell, check out our exclusive interview here!

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