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  • Innerpartysystem Talk "Never Be Content," Electronica, Live Show and More

    Tue, 22 Feb 2011 17:46:11

    Innerpartysystem Talk "Never Be Content," Electronica, Live Show and More - Innerpartysystem's Jared Piccone discusses "Never Be Content" EP, electronica, live shows, and more with ARTISTdirect.com editor and "Dolor" author Rick Florino...

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    The title of Innerpartsystem's new EP, Never Be Content, is quite a propos.

    "We're never going to be satisfied with what we're doing," smiles Innerpartysystem's Jared Piccone [drums, backing vocals]. "We're already talking about the light show we haven't bought yet. This band exists because of things like that. We want to always do more and be better. Our whole mantra as a band has been to keep moving forward."

    That's exactly what Innerpartysystem do on Never Be Content. The EP hit iTunes on February 22nd with a physical release lined up for March, and it's an expansive sonic trip forged in flourishes of tripped-out electronica and divinely catchy vocals. Songs like "Not Getting Any Better" defy any and all expectations of what's possible within the realm of electronic music and the band stamp out their own set of rules in the process. They've only begun moving forward though…

    Innerpartystem's Jared Piccone talks Never Be Content, going electronic and so much more in this exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor and Dolor author Rick Florino.

    Did you have one cohesive vision for Never Be Content?

    It's funny. We don't do things very traditionally when it comes to writing. We don't usually think things through like that. Once we wrote a huge chunk of songs, like 20, we started to sift through them. We do it backwards. We make them all, and we figure out where they go at the end. This EP definitely has more of a dance feel than what we'd been doing so we wanted to keep the flow from start to finish the same. We put more of those style songs together.

    Did you also aim to open up the boundaries and let the songs go on a little longer?

    Absolutely! Once we got dropped from Island, we were actually really psyched that we weren't constricted by having to write a radio single or making every song three minutes and 30 seconds long. That's what's cool about Red Bull Records. They don't push that at all with us. They want us to write whatever music we want to write. We didn't set out to write a lot of ten-minute songs or anything, but we didn't think about the fact that if they get too long it wouldn't be okay.

    What's the story behind "Not Getting Any Better?"

    Patrick [Nissley, vocals/programming] wrote the lyrics. It's a journey through being with the love of your life for a long time and then thinking the breakup was a good idea, but in the end it isn't. The music just shows that whole idea. I'm really excited to get going on that music video. There's that feeling that it didn't get any better; it's getting worse and worse. It gets to the point where the narrator is sitting outside the person's house figuratively. There are those unhealthy post-relationship woes.

    Was there anything you wanted to experiment with in particular on this EP?

    We definitely wanted it to sound more dance-oriented and electronic. We feel like we accomplished that. There are more digital sounds. You have to go through things once to see how they really work. I feel like there were a lot of hands in the pot last time. Some of the songs came out a little more rock-y. This time around, everything came out like we wanted it to sound.

    Is it important for Innerpartysystem to tell stories musically?

    Yes! We definitely flip flop. We have a couple of "social commentary" songs like "American Trash." For the most part, there are definitely more stories about a certain time and place Patrick was going through.

    You dig moving in the electronic space?

    The beauty of being in electronic music is that you can manipulate, loop, and jam on parts completely on the fly. We can simply roll with it, and it's gotten increasingly more fun to play because of stuff like that. We can make it a little different every day.

    Rick Florino

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