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  • International Music News: Fever Fever Talks butchery, body parts, and their next album produced by Rob Ellis

    Fri, 01 Apr 2011 17:08:46

    International Music News: Fever Fever Talks butchery, body parts, and their next album produced by Rob Ellis - Butchery, Bloodless, body parts, oh my!

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    If you didn't get a chance to catch them at the SXSW festival in Austin, TX be sure to catch them at the Camden Crawl Festival April 30th-May1st. You can also help fund their next U.S. and Germany tours and hear music here!

    Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey, Anna Calvi) will soon produce and release Fever Fever's first LP, and ARTISTdirect.com had the chance to talk to Fever Fever about their music, how they got on the bill with PJ Harvey's producer and fish and cinema-based gigs.

    Where did your band meet? How did you come up with Fever Fever for a name?
    We all met on the tiny and intricately woven Norwich music scene, we'd all been in bands with each other before somewhere along the line and we liked the look of each other on so many levels.
    When we got together we were fawning over the magnificent Fever To Tell by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. We just thought it was best to steal one third of the title and repeat. We love repetition.

    I love the song Black Lung off the Bloodless EP, which starts off as a pleasant and cheery tune, but then turns with a swift hook into an impressive punk melody. What is this song about?
    It's kind of cool that it comes off as cheery because I thought it might be a little oppressive. Literally it's about broken bodies.
    Otherwise, it's about being unwittingly represented by someone who presumes to know your needs. You get that a lot in certain subcultures. You can't lump people in one group for the sake of it, but people do. Continually.

    What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?
    Largely meat, butchery, apathy, girls, body parts and parents.

    The song Mouth House has a similar drumming pattern to that of Matt Helders of Arctic Monkeys. Any related influence? I can't believe he's 24 and so talented!
    We do like Arctic Monkeys first couple of albums for sure, Helders is a talented boy indeed! Although I doubt Smit got his influence for the song from him. He's more into drummers like Todd Trainer (Shellac) and Thomas Pridgen (The Mars Volta) which I think you can hear too. Listening back I totally get the similarities though, lots of tom pounding. Hot.

    Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? More importantly where do you want to play and what are your band's musical goals?
    We've played some real holes all over the UK and some interesting places too. We played in a Fish & Chip shop on our first tour and we just played in this awesome underground cinema in Toronto. We need to do more fish and cinema-based gigs. SXSW was the furthest afield we have been, and it was amazing.
    We're dying to go on tour in America and also in Germany, we are pushing to get that sorted out within the next 10 months. The absolute aim and what we spill our brains for is to be able to do this full time. It is our baby and we want to be housewives.

    Does one or all of the band members create the songs? Is there someone in the band who acts as a recluse sitting in their room alone strumming chords and writing lyrics or do the songs come from jamming together?
    We do it together in one big sex sandwich. It's better that way. All our songs are one third of each of our brains and hearts.

    Would you say that your band is relatively political or not?
    We’re political in the way that we give a shit, in the way that we have our own set of morals and don’t like good people being fucked around. Like a lot of bands, because of who we are and what we believe in I think we are unavoidably political but not traditionally so. We’re too concerned with banging on about our feelings to get any sort of clear head. We’re not Bono, thank God.

    Is there any symbology, superstitions, practical considerations, or protocol that might come into play when creating your music?
    Smit is a soothsayer so that's pretty hard work. He's a very superstitious man. Practically speaking the only thing we have ever had to think about musically is the lack of bass, but we have those low frequencies covered so it's all good.

    What do you plan to do in the near future?
    Next on the list is recording our album, which we are doing with the awesome Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey, Anna Calvi). We're aiming to get that out before the end of the year which is super exciting! Other than that we're looking forward to touring and getting out of the small (but lovely) incestuous city we live in.

    Elena Castro

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