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    Tue, 16 Jun 2015 16:35:08

    Intervew: Ivy Levan -

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    The singer is okay with being vulnerable and strong, extroverted and introverted.

    "I just had my coffee, so my brain is coming awake," singer Ivy Levan admitted upon hopping on the phone for our chat about her upcoming album No Good. It's always a great sign when a pop singer is well-fueled with just the right amount of caffeine. That gets 'em talking candidly.

    It's actually hard to imagine the Arkansas-born, L.A.-based singer and songwriter being quiet or laid back, since her music and her image are so full of life and energy.

    When she arrived on the scene with her EP, she was a bit of a throwback dame, with a classic, sexy style, like a broad from the Old Hollywood glam era, and we mean that in the BEST possible way! It's to her credit and part of her charm! Her music had a jazzy foundation, but for her full-length, we're getting a more multidimensional Ivy Levan.

    Levan will release No Good, her debut album, on August 7.

    Levan makes "swamp hop," which is gritty and gorgeous! We pulled back the curtain to get to know this sexy siren!

    You definitely emerged on the scene as a bit of a throwback! Are you enchanted by that era? And how much does it factor into what you are doing now with your full album?

    That definitely was a part of the EP. I'm not really doing full-on throwback now. I get really bored easily. I like to challenge myself and dabble in different things. For me, in this record, it's way more me as a person growing and figuring out who I am. The EP started out as me, finding myself, and finding where my niche is. The record is the full-blown Ivy. It is a mesh of '90s and a little throwback; that soul is there, always, but there's not as jazz and swing influence. It is a nice cocktail.

    Who is full-blown Ivy in one sentence?

    I don't think I can answer since I don't think anyone really knows who they are. That is why we write music. We discover ourselves as artists. I can't put a title on it. That sets me up for disaster. This is the first time I have been able to do [music] without any limitation in the music business. I am definitely more comfortable with myself and with my confidence, and I am okay with being vulnerable, too.

    You can be both. Finding that marriage between both is satisfying. It is empowering as a woman, since a lot of times, women feel they should be one way on the exterior, like not appearing weak, in this world, and in this male-driven business that I work in. It is okay to be vulnerable and still be that boss bitch.

    Watch Ivy Levan, "Who Can You Trust" (From The SPY Soundtrack Album)

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