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    Fri, 22 May 2015 13:08:12

    Interview: Acid King -

    Singer and guitarist Lori S. on journeying to nether regions of the galaxy and her band's current renaissance

    Acid King returned with this year's stunning Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere, their first offering since 2005's Acid King III. The Northern California heavy psychedelic pioneers blast off to a different realm altogether tapping into an aural bliss a la contemporaries Sleep and then getting even more magical altogether once those muscular guitars begin to flex. It's a tradition that they've honed since 1993 when they first broke on to the scene. At the heart, Lori S.'s riffs and voice work in tandem to transfix. If you're into doom, stoner, heavy metal, psychedelic, or anything else that pushes boundaries, this is for you. In this exclusive interview, Lori S. brings us into the eye of her perfect storm of guitars, bass, drums, and vocals, talks being in the moment, and Acid King getting their due with a whole new audience.

    Since you're heading there, has Europe always been a good market for you guys?

    Yes! Originally when I started my band, we toured around the U.S. It's funny. My dream job was actually to be a record store manager, but then when I started making five dollars an hour as the assistant manager I realized that my dream job was no longer for me [Laughs]. When we began touring the states, my dream was to get to Europe. We finally did, and the very first the tour actually went pretty terribly. Since then, we've gone back every year to bigger and better festivals, and everything has gone quite well.

    On Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere, it feels like a whole new generation is discovering Acid King.

    I completely agree. You have to remember that social media was just getting in full swing ten years ago. I think that we just had Myspace. Facebook was very early, and there were not a lot of the strategic, online brands you see and hear of everyday now. There was no music distribution like iTunes. Those old Acid King records never really got out there all over the web. We were touring through. With social media and everything, you can do all of it on your own. Before, there wasn't a way to spread your influence everywhere. Now, with the web, you don't even need to leave your home. Sometimes, people tell me they feel bad because they never heard of us before. We've been around, and the internet as of late has allowed us to properly spread our music and message everywhere. I am really happy that people are listening, and it doesn't matter when they were able to get into the band.

    Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere feels like a complete body of work from beginning to end.

    That is why I had the intro and the outro when putting the songs together. I completely agree. We had to make great transitions so that the record would flow properly. When considering the songs on a record, you have to think about the flow, the keys, and how things move from track to track. The CD is different than the vinyl because of the format and how much music can fit on each side. So ultimately, it is the key, song length, and the transitions that determine how everything comes together. You have to put the time in to listen to the ins and outs and then go with the running order. Start a sequence in your head and put it to use by seeing how the songs work together. Our sound has progressed. It's more polished, even though you can hear the album and know that it is Acid King. This is my favorite record that we have done. I am very proud of this!

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