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    Thu, 24 Oct 2013 11:39:27

    Interview: Aziatix - By ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino...

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    Aziatix start their cruise to the top with their brand new single "Baby Let's Go".

    It's the trio's very first for Cash Money Records, and it also fuels a massive partnership with Toyota for the 2014 Corolla. Last night, the boys—Nicky Lee, Flowsik, and Eddie Shin—unveiled the single at an exclusive Los Angeles event. They gave a slick, swaggering, and soaring live performance, introducing the legendary car company's campaign and aptly fitting the new tagline "Let's go places" with this undeniable anthem. With the sleekest Corolla ever and one of the year's catchiest songs, it's a match made in heaven.

    Toyota National Manager of Targeted Advertising and Strategy David Chung comments, "The tagline 'Let's Go Places' has a lot of rich meaning that dovetailed nicely with all of our campaigns. There's a feeling of inclusion and making sure we want to be part of the experiential journey with our drivers. We coupled that with the all new Corolla and all of its great attributes and features. We wanted to partner with somebody who would accentuate that experience. We looked a lot of different places. However, it became evident Aziatix were the perfect partner."

    Pretty soon, Aziatix are going to be the biggest thing in pop. Start paying attention now.

    In this exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino, Aziatix talk "Baby Let's Go", partnering with Toyota, and Cash Money Records.

    "Baby Let's Go" really sees you elevate your sound to the next level, while preserving its hallmarks.

    Nicky Lee: Thank you! We're having a great time. Just to be able to work with Toyota is a blessing. We're having a blast.

    What does the song mean to each of you?

    Nicky Lee: When we're first talked to Toyota about the message they wanted to deliver, we were right with it. That's what we love to do. We love to spread joy and inspiration and get people motivated. That's what the song stands for. It's about going after what your dreams are and never giving up. It hit home for us.

    Eddie Shin: I think someone among us used the word "destiny". It felt like it. Their goals, our goals, and the message we wanted to portray made for a special alliance. This is a huge one for us. It's a great time.

    How does this lead into the album for you?

    Flowsik: Being able to work with Toyota in and of itself is a large scale. This is a good way to launch us as a group in America. Now, what we have to do is come up with more hits [Laughs].

    Nicky Lee: That's it! Hit after hit after hit...

    Flowsik: We're in the studio every day, getting ready for that. It's going to happen really soon so stay tuned.

    What ties all of the Aziatix music together? There's a bigger vision there.

    Eddie Shin: Definitely!

    Nicky Lee: We grew up listening to so many different kinds of music and styles. We grew up here, but we've been working out in Asia as well. We're trying to take the best of both worlds and infuse it into our music. That's what our sound is. That's the Aziatix sound. It's East meets West.

    It's very visual. You can see the music as much as you can hear it. Is that an important element of it?

    Nicky Lee: Exactly!

    Flowsik: You want to paint a picture for the listener. They can use their imaginations to come up with their own stories to our songs. It's great.

    Eddie Shin: Thanks for putting it that way. I think that's exactly how we work. We try to picture a song and then put it to music.

    You guys come out as larger-than-life characters with your own identities.

    Nicky Lee: We're all different, but we share the same love of music. That's what it is.

    What was the coolest or most exciting moment of the Toyota campaign?

    Nicky Lee: The last day of the shoot we had dancers and extras. There was a scene where we were all having fun. We were dancing around the car and having a great party. That's what it felt like. It wasn't like, "Action!" Then, we're acting [Laughs]. It was fun. A lot of our fans came out to the shoot and joined us in the interaction. That was a highlight for us. Everyone enjoyed it.

    Flowsik: We had a chance to act too [Laughs].

    It was Oscar-worthy...

    Nicky Lee: [Laughs] I don't know about Oscar-worthy!

    Flowsik: Hollywood is next thing.

    We're here now!

    Flowsik: We got to do everything it was so fun. We even got to voice act. I would've never thought our voices would be in a commercial.

    Nicky Lee: We got to do the dubbing. People have to look out for Flow he's going to do all of the Movie Guy commercials [Laughs].

    Flowsik: It's going to be my mom's voicemail.

    Were you fans of Cash Money Records before signing?

    Eddie Shin: Absolutely!

    Nicky Lee: We listened to all of the albums from back in the day. To be able to be a part of that legacy is an honor and an absolute blessing. Hopefully, you can hear the family on our album with collaborations. There's so much more to come. We're so appreciative. Stunna and Slim give us the freedom to make our music. After they signed us, they were like, "You guys continue to do your music. We love what you're doing, and we love what you're bringing. Keep on doing that". We're grateful for all of their support, help, and love.

    Eddie Shin: Everyone has big expectations for the next record. We're working hard. We're going to deliver something that hopefully blows them away.

    Rick Florino

    Are you excited for Aziatix' first album for Cash Money Records?

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