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    Thu, 20 Dec 2007 14:42:23

    Interview: B5 - Bad Boy's boy band on family dynamics and their  musical progression

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    Despite their relatively young age, the brothers of B5 are far from newcomers when it comes to making music. After winning a number of talent competitions in the Atlanta area during the late '90s, the group made enough noise that industry heavyweights started to listen. Their infectious, high energy sound eventually came within earshot of Diddy, who took the group into the Bad Boy fold, releasing their debut album, B5, in 2005.

    Now the band is back with a new album, Don't Talk, Just Listen, and a more mature sound. Leaving behind their Radio Disney roots, they're knocking on the door to adulthood with songs that show off how they've grown, without showing it all off. B5 recently took time to speak to ARTISTdirect—with group member Kelly playing spokesman—as we discussed their long road to success, their musical evolution and butting heads like only brothers can.

    Go ahead and introduce yourselves one at a time so everyone can know all your names.

    Yo what's up this is Dustin.

    Yo what's up this is Kelly.

    What's happening this is Patrick.

    Yo what's up this Carnell.

    Yeah, this is Bryan. B5. Yeeeah!

    I like the enthusiasm. First of all, congrats on all the success with the album. It's got to make you guys real happy.

    Yeah man, the album is doing good right now. We want it to do way better. Right now we're just working hard on getting it out. [It's called] Don't Talk, Just Listen. Pick it up if you don't got it. The single "In My Bedroom" is out right now. It's all over the charts, going crazy. So yeeeah!!

    For the folks that don't know your story, how did you decide as a family to come together and start doing this music thing?

    Well we started out dancing in the garage back in St. Pete's, Florida. You know, our mom walked in on us and we were just goofing around and dancing and stuff and she was like, "hey you guys got some talent," you know, she took us to talent shows and everything. Long story short, we met a bunch of people, we met our manager and he took us up to Atlanta to meet some people, and you know, we got signed to Bad Boy from the connections that we had. So after that, which was like 5 years ago, we're just putting albums out now.

    A lot of people who are young and in the business get pushed into it by their parents, but it seems like you guys had the motivation first of all, and then they just backed you.

    Yeah, I mean we've wanted to do this pretty much since we were little. We'd see Michael Jackson on TV and we wanted to do that.

    It can be a long road out there to become successful, but you guys have really skyrocketed fast. Were you expecting this so soon?

    It didn't come so soon. We've been doing this for ten years, and this [success] just now started. So we've been doing records for a while.

    For other people out there who want to be in this business, would you recommend that they follow in your footsteps and follow that dream?

    Yeah, I mean if you are what you do, then why not do it? If you've got the talent and you've got the opportunity to do it, then you should take it.

    You guys seem like you've got your heads on straight. A lot of people who start out young seem to mess up. How are you all working to kind of stay on the right path?

    Our mom pretty much holds us down. She makes sure we don't get big heads and all that stuff.

    You're a little older than you were on the first album, but still young guys. Do you ever feel like you're missing out on what younger people get to do? Prom, sleepovers—all that?

    Sleepovers?? Yeah we missed it, but I mean we got to do a lot of things that kids our age don't get to do. We got to perform, do a bunch of crazy shows, travel the world. So we got to do all of that stuff. We're not hating on it.

    You spend a lot of time together on tour and in the studio. Nobody can get on your nerves like family does. How do you guys keep from going at it too hard?

    We have our arguments pretty much every day. We argue a lot, I mean, we're brothers. But it's nothing serious. We never get into any really, really big fights so, you know, we always have someone there that kind of makes everyone calm down. We might be like, "yo you need to chill out, calm down."

    Within the brothers, everyone is an individual. Who plays what part?

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